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The Panama American Portion of title: Weekend American Physical Description: Scott Family Library Fund donor Publisher: Panama City, Panama Publication Date: Notes Dates or Sequential Designation: On Saturday published as: Record Information Source Institution: University of Florida Rights Management: All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.

Related Items Related Items: This item is only available as the following downloads: The gleaming white 8. He said the most likely scene for such a conference would be the ship’s dining room.

There are eight table there, and room for about persons. Por more informal talks the vessel has a mall bara hold- over from It former civilian days as a passenger-cargo liner plying between New York and Copenha- gen.

We are aD looking for peace, aren’t we? Patients were unloaded, and all hands In the volunteer crew, and the staff of physicians and nurse went to work ‘to make the ship suitable- for the truce con- ference. The selection of a hospital ship for the truce talks is symbolic. The Korean war has cost an estimated 4, A great number of the United Nations casualties have been car- ed for aboard the Jutlandia, con- sidered one of the best-equipped hospital ship in the world.

She arrived In Korean waters last March. The Danish Govern- ment has pledged her to one year’s service, as Denmark’s con- tribution to the wax. She flies the flags of the Dan- ish Red Cross. Denmark and the United Nations. Two Embassy observers will be permitted to attend the trial. The specific charge against Oatis Is not known. The general charge against hjm is anti-state activities.

Som Cristão / Christian Sound Mp3: Setembro

But Briggs was informed last month that Oatls would be charg- ed with military espionage. Bledsoe, U8N, Commandant of the Fif- teenth. The fireworks display directed by Capt.

Carlos Byers Chemical Corps, U. Army Caribbean, will be the final official act of the day and it Is expected to be one of the most brilliant serial dis- play ever shown in the Canal Zone.

The end of the display will be indicated by the simultaneous shooting of three flaresone red, one green and one white. The Balboa Stadium will be co- lorfully decorated for the patri- otic exercises through the cour- tesy of the U. Navy The tanks on display will be provided by the U. A fire engine for children’s rides is be- ing supplied through the cour- tesy of the Fire Division, The Panam Canal.


Jeep and drivers are being provided by the U.

Air Force and U. Army Caribbean, shop mules and cars for the kiddie train are being supplied through the courtesy of the ‘Storehouses Division, and the U. The committee also has made arrangements with the Division of Clubhouses for free movies. UP The army said yesterday that the Korean war fast shaping up as one of the most deadly m his- tory cost the Communist ag- gressors an estimated The new report brings to an estimated 1.

The toll includes both battle and non-battle casualties. This 1 apart from casualties among North and South Korean civilians which are placed at a- bout 3. It is by the Canal Zone police pistol range at Brasas Brook. The rancho, built under the su- pervision the Colon? The opening saw about ISO persons served with sancocho. Captain John Fahnestock, com- mander of the Cristobal police, spoke on behalf of his men. The blast occurred in a che- mical plant where only about a half dozen men’ were working.

Nopewas killed but two were lhjffed. Ceilings fell in many houses. Some frightened villagers thought at first that the blast might be an atomic explosion, but to far as was known no ato- mic materials were housed in the ordnance factory.

These estimates are pro- vided by the association of ca- sualty and surety companies. While they do not Include clj vlllan casualties growing out of the Civil War, they do include military deaths from non-battle causes such as disease. Union ca- sualties are estimated at Total casualties of all belliger- ent in World War I were 37 But the fighting was spread over four years and in- volved much greater forces.

The Iranian soldiers ordered the British sapors, who had reached the decks in launch, not to disembark, A heated argu- ment then took place and a high Iranian official was called.

The official told the British sailors that they should return to their ship and they dscargar ac- ceded. However, a spokesman for the sailors then said that he wished to go ashore to confer with the British Consul. Ridgway’s fer of ceasefire talks in the Korean war have not dome. Ridgway made his offer as Supreme Commander: Top level sources recall that Ridgway’s offer of gotiations between field commanders, was in terms not different from those proposed lost Saturday by Rust United Nations Delegate Jacob A.

They say the Chinese and North.

A close ear is being kept to all likely channels of communication from the Reds. The Red delav is ascribed. The instructions’ of Ridgway’s proposal were prepared by De- fense and State- Department of- ficials and saagrado by Mr. He the world situation waa very i and that the Communist let up in Korea and apply ure elsewhere.

The Panama American

Korea llfl is only an Incident m. United Airline crash, get out of Korea ” fee chances.

Inc” bur having go back In wilbir Very. The new show, and the older “Beulah” rsdio show “depict the Negro and other mmorltv groups in a stereotyped and derogatory manner.

The Negro organization la hold- ing Its annual convention here.

ACHAA workshop and inaugural AGM :: MGNSW

All person, agencies and firms sponsoring or taking part in the two shows were condemned in the resolution. Wwilbur protests to the sponsors were planned and if necessary, ailbur resolution said, the NAACP will call for boycotts of the product advertised on them. The committee urged that the association urge congressmen vote for a minimum of 50, low- rent units. Public housing holds the great- est promise of changing existing segregation and discrimination patterns in the nation, the group held.


A program to establish more youth councils and expand acti- vities of existing councils was mapped by the NAACP’s com- mittee descagrar Internal affairs. Montague Cobb of Wash- ington D. He added that the “separate but equal” facilities concept would have to be rejected smitb it totality. Cobb said that a studv showed that the attempt to meet the health needs of the Negro people In term of separate arrange- ment has not worked. Because of the shortage of hos- pital personnel, he said, there should be a reciprocal working arrangement whereby medical student of all races could attend anv medical school.

Cobb added that more progress has been made in reducing dis- crimination In the field of medi- cine during the last three years than during the previous 30 year.

An Air Force pilot flying ov the wreck Ww, nejfumrivois. It appeared that the pli crashed rioo a moui and wa smashed. Uttle League Box Score Previously reported: American Iniar a ft e e Co Rudeiheim Pack- er and Movers i – Seadren Clinic Booster Ticket” salee at Carnuda Call “alhoun, Clay, and Web er. Hex this year celebrated it nd costly Canal nveeteieait. Its completion and descaryar to world commerce on August Balled on It opening as one of the modern wonders of the world, the Panam Canal was a crown- ing achievement for American aggressiveness and engineering skill It fulfilled a dream for a water passage between the At- lantic and Pacific Oceans which had plagued voyagers, geograph- ers, financiers, adventurers, and political leader of the major ma- rlo nations of the world for four centuries.

Between and today when the fundamental change in it fiscal and administrative proce- dures was made, the Canal had returned to the Treasury more than S Prom a purely profit viewpoint, the Canal’s sister organization and adjunct since Its highest dividend to the Government.

The Panam Railroad Com- pany, now little known by the American public, waa the Unit- ed SUtes’ first venture late the Government owned corpora- tion field for purely business purposes. It corporate structure has provided a pattern, however va- riegated, for such financial giants as the Reconstruction Fi- nance Corporation, the Import- Export Bank, the Inland Water- ways Corporation, the Tennessee Valley Authority, and the Atomic Energy Commission which the United States public ha come to recognize as long, forward step in their nation hUtory.

Because of its success, the Pan- ama Railroad Company has been used on many occasions to refute the general theme that the gov- ernment has no business in busi- ness.