For Fallout: New Vegas – Ultimate Edition on the Xbox , Walkthrough by eolsunder. Detonado fallout new vegas pdf. 1 – GAME MOD – 2. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, unique weapon locations, walkthrough, guide, FAQ.

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Loot the brotherhood bunker then head back out. Once you reach your cap of 64 or 80 in all skills then you can assign points into raising them more.

Continue up the hill left west and you will soon start to see dead bodies on the road. Talk with her to learn her husband is dead and agree detonqdo bring his body back.

From this hilltop look NW down to the road. Don’t kill the Sergeant. Head down to level 2, where there is much more to do. At this point in the game you should be level 14 and have a decent amount of loot, caps, and basic weapons and armor.

Quests do Fallout: New Vegas | Fallout Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Nipton Road Pitstop If you do not, just pick it up later when you get enough. There are a few small houses and 2 large Barracks to explore.


Go ahead and put on your regular armor, we will encounter NCR fqllout don’t want them confusing us for Powder Gangers hehe. What do you need help on?

If you manually look for it, once he says “it has jumped” to start the search, save your game, then reload to find which it is at.

There are 2 temp skill books, one sits on top of the motorcycle, and the other on the ground under some ruined books. Fallokt will let you in if you pay him caps.

Visiting the drive-in at night has the crashed satellite showing a drive-in movie projection. NCR Sharecroppers Field In the back of the complex you will find a science lab staffed by 2 techs that you have to talk to.

Detonado Fallout: New Vegas Pt18 – The Fort – смотреть онлайн на

You can go ahead and enter, the actual DLC won’t start until you go to the end of the hall. Go ahead and take some time to sell off any excess gear and items.


He will either agree to be a gunslinger or decide to devote his time to mechanics. Lets continue with the normal game. Probably spying on the NCR camp.

You should level to 42 soon.

Quests do Fallout: New Vegas

Log In Sign Up. From the base head southeast past the ruined cars, there is a very fqllout cliffside leading down to the water, but if you hug the cliff walls you can descend without taking damage. Kill them if there are. We will pick ED-E up again later. Also a few harvestable plants. We are going to escort RAUL home anyway because we will want to pick him up later maybe. Poseidon Gas Station I Hear You Knocking.

Dog tag fist schematics. Tell her you want to talk to the others. Run up and shoot or punch them dead.