Fill Dhl Emailship, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. Try Now!. DHL eMailShip for DHL eCommerce is a PDF tool that enables you to prepare the necessary paperwork to facilitate a pick-up and delivery to DHL eCommerce . Introduction Getting Started Downloading DHL eMailShip Completing the Shipment Form Completing the Customs Document (Optional) Completing the Pickup.

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The new PDFs will be saved to this folder. Skip to the error encountered during the form submit.

DHL launches innovative DHL eMailShipservice ()

DHL emailsihp is a suite of reusable DHL forms and step-by-step instructions that have been specially designed to make shipping quick, easy and convenient by using only your email. Enter the piece count, shipment weight, and dimensions. Enter the required item information. To get started, you will need a PC with Internet access, a printer, an active e-mail account, and a DHL account number with available emailshkp.

You will receive this email after sending your confirmation.


DHL | Advanced Shipping Solutions | English

FedEx extends cut-off, package-ready emailsuip for pickup service in Hong Kong. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Upon DHL’s receipt of the completed forms, customers would directly receive a confirmation email with an air waybill number and the necessary declaration forms. The e-mail will contain attachments of all necessary shipping documentation and instructions on how many of each to print. IATA launches e-freight pilot run.

Gearing up to a more hdl and competitive environment. For sending Pickup request: Section 7 information is only required for shipments with non-document components.

Open a second new folder and give it another name e. Enter all required shipper information. Account Holders Account Holders. DHL eMailShip gives easy and fast access to respective shipment documents without having to search through files of paperwork. Indicate who will be charged for the shipment and enter the payer account number if applicable to the selection. What do I need to start shipping?

This message will contain all the shipping information you have just completed on the eMailShip forms. Ease of shipment filing aside, users will enjoy the convenience of arranging shipment pick-ups electronically at the click of the mouse.

The eMailShip tool will have auto-completed the shipper and receiver address information in sections 1 and 2 using the information entered on the Shipment Form.



Note If the product selected is not available for the destination country, you will receive an e-mail requiring emailsihp selection of another product.

Steps to attach the Shipment and Pickup request manually: APL’s new reinforced foot containers. All with one convenient tool. For more information, contact DHL Sales. Entering third-party information is only necessary if specified on the invoice that a third party should be billed. Hong Kong’s competitive strengths.

Save the exported file in a specified folder. Skip to content Skip to service links: The purpose of the FTR is to collect U. Permanent Currency Code: Launch the Conversion Tool. Prepare and print waybills, shipment forms, customs documents, pickup forms, and send them via email. Port of Vancouver mid-year stats show record first-half. Enter the contents description and quantity. Even if you have multiple shipments, you only need to send one pickup request per day.