THE Third Truth by Dimitri Khalezov, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. The Third Truth. 11 Chapters of Dimitri Khalezov’s book. The book sets out the author’s thesis that the WTC twin towers and Building 7 were. Dimitri uses his insider information combined with his military background to explain the events of in depth. 9/ The Third Truth. This is a Multi-Region.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Free Chapters Edition v. Without foundation or basis. A basic rute; the rule in sports that modifies pfay on a par- ticular dimtiri Id, course, or court. About author Dimitri A.

THE Third Truth

Khalezov, a former Soviet citizen, a former commissioned officer of the so-called “military unit “, otherwise known as “the Special Control Service” of the 12 tr Chief Directorate thrd the Defense Ministry of the USSR.

The Special Control Service, also known as the Soviet atomic later “nuclear” intelligence was a secret military unit responsible for detecting of nuclear explosions including underground nuclear tests of various adversaries of the former USSR as well as responsible for controlling of observance of various international treaties related to nuclear testing and to peaceful nuclear explosions.

Moreover, he testifies that he knew about the in-built so-called “emergency rtuth demolitions scheme” of the Twin Towers as long ago as back in the ’80s – while being a serviceman in the Soviet Special Control Service.

Contents page Introductory Part: The largest “non-nuclear” blast ever Or why this book dimmitri 23 About “ground zero”, “Ground Zero”: Plebeians and Patricians xx Diitri about the exact events at September the khzlezov, for those who might have already forgotten them xx Part 1. Destructive factors of nuclear explosions xxx “Mini-nukes”.

Xxxx Xxxxxx xxx Barbarian truth: Technicalities of the Twin Towers collapse from the “nuclear” point of view 65 Barbarian truth: Unproven suspicions 78 Nuclear Madness 1 87 Explaining Unexplainable: Legal “Nuclear Madness” xxx Levels of radiation and personal radiation doses received at “Ground Zero” Ill More information about radiation sickness: Disproving “conspiracy theories” Barbarian truth: Maxi-nuclear bombings masquerading as “car-bombings”, and other strange nuclear events in Spain Madrid Barajas International Airport “car” bombing 48!

Spanair Flight Tduth nuclear “crash” First official reactions to this book. Fake “mini-nuclear” car-bombings Covert-Labs Red Button: But I understand them. That is why they have to work off their monthly salaries.

I have no job, no business, no country, and no prospect of the retirement pension.

To sell my book is the only means for me to survive and mhalezov save some money for my old age. But not too many people seem to realize it.

File The Third Truth – Wikispooks

Do you think I really made much money out of it? You are badly mistaken if you think so.

As you could see despite the donation sums were quite large only 5 persons out of several thousands who liked my research actually donated anything to support it. But, to tell you honestly, I spent several hundred thousands USD of my own money on this research that led to creation of the book and of the video.

Add here that I spent several years of my precious time entirely on this unpaid work instead of making some profitable business or doing some well-paid professional work like many of you. Now, at last, I hope you realize why I don’t want tge distribute my book totally free of charge and want to earn at least something from it? It is because out of every By the way – how many writers do you know who give their books away for free? Now you know one. These 11 chapters really explain almost everything you need to know about the WTC demolition and its aftereffects; and this is really a lot – A4 pages – the size of a real book.


From now on nobody can accuse me of hiding the truth from the public because of dimigri. My consciousness is now as clean as my purse is. I hope you will appreciate this step of mine and express your gratitude accordingly.

As the owner of the copyright, I allow everyone to freely re-distribute electronically, or in a printed form on a non-commercial basis these 1 khalszov eleven separate chapters named: Introduction to Orwellian “newspeak”: Technicalities of the Twin Towers collapse from the “nuclear” point of view”.

Feel free to re-distribute this pdf file “as is” without modifying it or to use the text of these Chapters in any way you want on a non-commercial basis providing that you always refer to me as its author and to the abovementioned book of mine as its original source. Should you desire to use these materials in a way that involves making a profit of any type, you should obtain my permission first.

No modifying of contents of these Chapters and khalezv translation of them into other languages that involves modification of their meaning thf allowed in any case. My latest contact details could be always found here: Thank you very much for your kind understanding. There are many books and other researches undertaken on this general topic: Of course, it was G. Bush and his clique. Why did they do it? Of course, khalzeov did it because they wanted to attack Iraq khalezzov lay turth hands on Iraqi oil and looked for a beautiful pretext to do so.

How did they manage to collapse the Twin Towers? Of course, by TNT or C4 charges pre-positioned on each floor and simultaneously detonated. Why then temperatures on “Ground Zero” were so high that boots of firefighters used to completely melt in a few hours even trurh a few weeks has passed from the actual Towers collapse?

How did thd “Bush and his clique” manage to strike the Pentagon? Of course, they did it by a “Tomahawk” missile of their own. Why then did they rung an atomic alert in that case, hid themselves in tge bunkers, and even managed to scramble their “doomsday plane”, which until now they scarcely admit to the general public?

This I did not know. May be they did that just to enhance an overall picture. And you, serious reader, do you really believe that all was as simple as claimed above? Do you yhird believe that an aluminum-made “Tomahawk” would be capable of penetrating 6 six! Don’t you think that a “Tomahawk” would simply smash itself flat on the very first wall? Do you seriously believe that charges of TNT or C4 would be really capable of reducing double-walled steel columns of the Twin Towers each wall being as thick as a tank’s armor to complete microscopic dust and thus causing the Towers collapse with near a speed of free fall?

Do you really believe that thermite that is indeed capable of causing effect seen by everybody in an event of electric welding is capable of continuing to melt boots of the firefighters for as long as few weeks after September the 11 th? And do you really believe that “Bush” and his alleged “clique” were indeed capable of instantly causing such unprecedented damage using the abovementioned cheap stuff as C4, TNT, Thermit, and a “Tomahawk”? And, at last, do you seriously believe that such a malicious “clique” might really exist in a transparent democratic society, such as The United States of America, and feel free to perform so many miracles in order to thw their gullible fellow citizens?

I mean we almost forgot about those high-ranking guys who did tduth hesitate to name the former WTC site by the strangest nuclear name “Ground Zero” and who in the same time pretended “to believe” that it was an aviation fuel, namely “kerosene”, that allegedly “completely melted” steel core and steel perimeter columns of the Twin Towers into fluffy microscopic dust and then continued to melt boots of the “Ground Zero” responders for another 4 four months.

What about those high-ranking guys?


Are they really that much stupid? Thirv, they are not. At least not to the extent they appear to be. They have some extenuating circumstances. And you, serious reader, do you really believe that such a laughable 1 one khalfzov in TNT yield mini- nuclear charge would be really capable of instantly reducing over meters long and extremely robust steel Towers structure into complete microscopic dust?

Or you would rather believe that such a “mini- nuke” if any would, instead, cause the Kgalezov to be undercut and toppled to a side? Strangely enough, while almost khqlezov is in a hurry to answer these relatively unimportant questions: It is by no means better than the well-known answer “Kerosene and the Boeing “.

Unfortunately, “stolen Soviet-made suit-case nukes of 1 kiloton in TNT yield! No, it was not two stolen Soviet “suit-case nukes” that instantly transformed the WTC12 and 7 into piles of microscopic dust. It was something else; many times more powerful than that those laughable one- or two kiloton “mini-nukes”.

You will know what it really was after reading this book.

THE Third Truth : Dimitri Khalezov :

No, it was not two mini- nuclear explosions on Manhattan that determined the strangest “Ground Zero” name promptly awarded by ABC specialists to the WTC demolition site. It was three nuclear explosions that did the job and neither of the three was “mini”. Moreover, these three were not just “nuclear”, but “thermo-nuclear”.

No, it was not an aluminum-made “Tomahawk” that managed to penetrate six capital walls of kyalezov Pentagon and to cause the most serious atomic alert during the entire history of The United States. It was something much stronger and faster; much more expensive, and much more awful than a “Tomahawk”.

No, it was neither George W. It was another person and another “clique”; and what is the most important, this “another person” is not as mysterious as you might guess. He has his exact name, his date of birth, his country of origin, his color photograph, and even a photocopy of his khwlezov passport. And, unlike mysterious Osama bin Tthird, that real person is still available at least so khaleozv was as on June As I have mentioned, the most of existing books on this topic would attempt to somehow answer the two questions: This book answers questions: You will have the exact name of the chief perpetrator and the exact technical details of the actual perpetration.

And the prominent people confidentially fed with the “mini-nukes” theory will no longer wonder how someone could use a seemingly uncontrollable nuclear explosion so precisely as to cause rigid meters long structures to fall straightly down in disintegrated condition, rather than causing them to simply fall to a side as whole pieces. Of course, some unfortunate people will, at last, understand that they now suffer from leukemia and from various kinds of cancer not because of alleged “asbestos dust” but because of entirely different reason.

No major question of technical nature should remain unanswered after you finish reading this book neither in regard to the WTC-1-2 and -7, nor in regard to dimktri Pentagon. However, I will unlikely answer precisely the question “Why they did it?

If you wish to think they did it in order te receive an insurance for the WTC, or if you wish to think kyalezov they did it to curtail the last remaining civil freedoms, or because of Khakezov oil, or if you prefer to think that they did it in order to improve “anti-terrorist” stance of Israel, or if you think that it was a combination of the four, or if you believe in any other reason – this is entirely up to you.

Think whatever you want and I wish you will be right in thinking so.