In recent years many faiths have educated their clergy and religious to be brilliant , well-educated, entertaining speakers and socially committed. Divini amoris scientia: full text, concordances and frequency lists. Carta Apostólica Divini Amoris Scientia [João Paulo II] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Therese, Doctor of the Church. Therese holds the doctoral biretta, symbol of her authority as teacher, in one hand. The images of the child and of the Holy Face reflect the two mysteries to which she was especially consecrated by her name in religion, Sister Therese of the Child Jesus of the Holy Face.

All these reasons are clear evidence maoris how timely is the Saint of Lisieux’s doctrine and of the smoris impact her message has had on the men and women of our century. Moreover, some circumstances contribute to making her designation as a Teacher for the Church of our time even more significant.

First of all, Therese is a woman, who in approaching the Gospel knew how to grasp its hidden wealth with that practicality and deep resonance of life and wisdom which belong to the feminine genius. Because of her universality she stands out among the multitude of holy women who are resplendent for their Gospel wisdom. Therese is also a contemplative.

In the hiddenness of her Carmel she lived the great adventure of Christian experience to the point of knowing the breadth, length, height and depth of Christ’s love cf.

God did not want his secrets to remain hidden, but enabled Therese to proclaim the secrets of the King cf. By her life Therese offers a witness and theological illustration of the dkvini of the contemplative life aamoris the total dedication to Christ, Spouse scientiaa the Church, and as an affirmation of God’s primacy over all things.


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Hers is a hidden life which possesses a mysterious fruitfulness for spreading the Gospel and fills the Church and the world with the sweet odor of Christ cf. Lastly, Therese of Lisieux is a young person. She reached the maturity of holiness in the prime of youth cf. As such, she csientia as a Teacher of evangelical life, particularly effective in illumining the paths of young people, who must be the leaders and witnesses of the Gospel to the new ecientia. Therese of the Child Jesus is not only the youngest Doctor of the Church, but is also the closest to us in time, as if to emphasize the continuity with which the Spirit of the Lord sends his messengers to the Church, men and women as teachers and witnesses to the faith.

In fact, whatever changes can be noted in the course amogis history and despite the repercussions they usually have on the life and thought of individuals in every age, we must never lose sight of the continuity which links the Doctors of the Church to each other: Therese is a Teacher for our time, which thirsts for living and essential words, for heroic and credible acts of scuentia.

For this reason she is also loved and accepted by brothers and sisters of other Christian communities and even by non-Christians.

Therese of Lisieux a Scientix of the Church. View Printer Friendly Version. Email Article to Friend. Saint Therese of Lisieux: A Gateway Her life, writings, spirituality, and mission.

January 2, – August 28, Therese at Les Buissonnets, The grace of Christmas ; the happy year April 9, – January 10, January 10, divino September 8, September to February Prou – Part 1 – Retreats at Carmel. Father Alexis Prou – Part 2 of 7. Celine enters; Therese finds her way.


Apostolic letter Divini amoris scientia of His Holiness Pope John Paul II:…

January to June 8, Offering of Myself to Merciful Love, June 9, June – March 21, Therese’s trial against faith: June – writing of Manuscript C. Photographs of Therese with her fellow Carmelites. July 8, – September 30, Santa Clara, California, November 11, San Jose, California, November 12, Join Our Mailing List.

Reliquary at the Carmelite Monastery, Philadelphia. Therese from to “.


Doctor of the Universal Church. Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta and St. Pilgrimage to Therese’s France. Saint Therese’s secondary sources. Researching Saint Therese Online abstracts of articles about St. References to studies of St. Scjentia for more research. Therese in the arts. Follow Therese in Normandy.

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