24 channel H recorder. Features. – HSR = high speed, high resolution. – 8 analogue camera inputs, expandable up to 24 camera inputs. – Simultaneous. Dallmeier DMS HSR Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Dallmeier DMS HSR Configuration. Get in-depth information on Dallmeier DMS HSR Bank Digital video recorder (DVR) including detailed technical specifications. Besides, view the entire.

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But it will be erased if the current playback mode is quit. In this case wait up to 8 hours until the unit has vms room temperature before commissioning.

Bank recorders |

Different filters can be combined AND gating. The number of saved system messages and therefore the maximum size of the list can be defined using the Line Count dialog. Start display at page:. This corresponds to approx.

Dallmeier DMS | AlertSystems Ltd

The completion of the export will be displayed by the messages Export finished. Table of contents Table Of Contents The slider is on the right side of the bar. The current track data recording time and date of the displayed image are displayed in the information window. Context menu for selecting the CVBS monitor 5. The system messages which are exported depend on the category selection and lower and upper time settings.

But it will be erased if the current playback mode is quit Export list and export options Single images C and sequences D are marked with different symbols in the export list.


All images saved in the track will be erased. Cleaning The Unit Milestone Systems released its Device Pack The context menu for selecting the CVBS monitor will be displayed.


Dni – External System Serial Ptz Cameras The Login dialog will be displayed. Clicking on Close will hide the maximized single split. If text passages require distinctions to be made between the devices, the complete device name will be mentioned.

All trademarks and brand names mentioned in this publication. Messages can be displayed from a certain point in time onwards only Start timeuntil a certain point in time only Stop time or within 204 certain period combination of Start and Stop time. The file is saved as logsysmessages.

Draw mode The draw mode influences the display of the existing picture changes.

This manual only includes the basic use of BT Link. Click the SmartFinder tab. No special technical knowledge is required. Transportation And Packaging Disposal Disconnect the unit from the power supply. Leaving The Utc Zoom Control Gsr disk space required for recording will again be available for saving a secure track.

Depending on the splitter configuration see Configurationlive images of the connected cameras will be displayed hst a certain split window. The Reference Image Memory dialog will be hidden.

DMS 80 DMS 160 DMS 240 DMS 240 HSR

Qualified personnel Installation, mounting, connection, commissioning and configuration of the unit may only be carried out by qualified personnel.

Additionally the status of the cover and sabotage contact is displayed.

If SF is not activated for any camera, the SmartFinder tab is empty. This rectangle marks the range in the picture in which a search for picture changes is to be carried out afterwards.


Hsd sequences The Merge sequences option is only available if at least two sequences of one track are overlapping. Delete sequence or image All single images and sequences can be deleted from the export list separately. Magnifying Glass zoom For a detailed list of accessories or instruction on how to set More information.

Simple search Picture search by date and time Quick search Picture search by time intervals Indexsearch Picture search by events Extended hsf Picture search by, for example, account or transaction number SmartFinder Search for objects in a picture. Clicking in the bar of the slider also results in jumping to another position. If no transactions take place during the defined interval the recorder issues a warning.

Declaration Of Conformity If you have not activated Rectangle in the draw mode, adjacent and overlapping rectangles are combined into a single area. They do no longer meet the Kalagate certificate s requirements.

Cathexis returns to Dubai this January for Intersec Dallmeier electronic respects the intellectual property of third parties and always attempts to ensure the complete identification of third-party trademarks and indication of the respective holder of rights. The evaluation can be conducted analogous to the evaluation of a recorder track see chapter Playback.