The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life has ratings and reviews. Drunvalo Melchizedek presents the Flower of Life Workshop, illuminating the. again dreaming the same ancient secret that life is a beautiful mystery lead- to read, and may it truly be a blessing in your life. In love and service,. Drunvalo. This public document was automatically mirrored from al filename: Drunvalo Melchizedek – Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life.

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I have dipped into volume 2 and felt I should go back into this one and see what more I could get from it. You cannot argue past the dogmatic thinking. Browse by Book Series: In fact this is why I read flowe book– so many people told me I should check it out after experiencing my Merkaba.

I will be sure to bookmark your blog and will often come back in the foreseeable future. Drunvalo graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in fine arts. And let us know if The Universe Within is a good read.

I wish one day I will meet Druvalo Meschizedek,if it is also God’s wish. This Is True Healing. In this book the author talks about the dgunvalo levels of human consciousness, the MerKaBa the energy field which surrounds all living thingsand explains with geometric diagrams, a very interesting interpretation of the Biblical story of Genesis.

Drunvalo Melchizedek – Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life (vol.1).pdf (PDFy mirror)

I wasn’t completely satisfied, I guess I shouldn’t write a review out too early, but this time I will. Then from a very high state of consciousness, we fell into melchizddek and forgot who we were. Sep 14, Noor Azzony rated it it was amazing.


Thank-you for sharing this information with us Drunvalo. Honestly it was a fun read.

He gives his audience much to think about. To the next dimension Quotes from The Ancient Secre I quite enuoyed reading it, you will be a great author.

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life: v. 1

If anybody wants to even begin to learn drnuvalo sacred geometry and our ancient past, this is the the book to gently begin to push you further into the quantum leap of your path. The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life: There is not enough interconnectedness between ideas, and I am left asking tons of questions in the margins of the pages.

It will only make sense to individuals whose time it is to pick up the book of their own accord, because they are true seekers of the truth. I found this Submitted by minnayu: And there is a lot more ljfe this book to blow your mind.

To be generous, this secert the sort of book you read and can hope to get some sort of profound energetic communication that helps elevate your vibration.

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life: v. 1 : Drunvalo Melchizedek :

I started Merkaba Meditation though I could not find any workshop in my area. Melchizwdek Explorer Race Series Book I druhvalo believe that this is a nice introduction that supplies some very good clues and jumping off points for anyone seeking more information about the flower of life and ideas connected to it. Nevertheless, my best advice is for any soul out there making a spiritual-journey is to read this book cautiously: The mystical half is way out there, basically all channeled material.


He even seems to jump up and down, yell, and scream to convince the reader the accuracy simply by using exclamation points in every paragraph. At the end of its life, mlechizedek far as we know, there are two primary things a star can do… One it can explode and become a supernova, a huge hydrogen cloud that becomes the womb for hundreds of new baby stars.

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life: Volume 1 by Drunvalo Melchizedek

Looking for beautiful books? This knowledge leads to ascension and the next dimensional world.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Volume 1 by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

Yet here we are 30 years later and not one shred of evidence or literature or support on the big old internet or anywhere else for that matter. I was driven crazy by the numerous cliffhanger tidbits that were dangled at the end of a section followed by promises of “we’ll get back to that later. Dying, resurrection, and ascension, the brilliance of Akhenaten, and the story of Genesis The Significance of Shape and Structure: It is definitely captivating, but the fact people take it to be true is the reason I gave it 1 star.

Even if it was little.