Dua’a Al-Mashloolُِ َدي غ ٌ ا ِّٓ َد غ ٌ ا ِٗ اٌل ُِ ِـ ت اٌّشٍٛي صػاء DUAA AL- MASHLOOL (SUPPLICATION OF THE PARALYSED)This du-aa known as. there is any difference between Duas of Shia and Sunni like Dua e Mashkool etc ? is it same for every Muslim. Answer. We do not know Dua-e-Mashkool. Wilayat Mission features the English Translation of Dua Mashlool. from the work of Kaf-ami and from Muhaj al Da-wat by Sayyid ibn tawus.

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O You that being Exalted, overwhelmed. O Thou that raiseth men in rank and degree. O Cave of him who has no cave! O You that are the Cherisher of good deeds. Through Imam hussain it is reported that one day he and his father, after performing Hajj, caught sight of a paralysed young man crying his eyes out in repentance.


O most Compassionate; O Giver of all good.

English Translation of Dua Mashlool

O Nourisher of Mankind. O Lord of the Ancient House the Ka’ba. O You that raises from the pitfalls. O Wise; O Eternal. O You that being disobeyed forgives. O He Who sponsors good things! O You that cleaves the day-break. O Helper of those that seek Thy help; O ultimate Goal of those that aspire.

O my Sponsor in my blessings! O Lord of graciousness and benevolence! O Thou that raiseth from the pitfalls; O Thou that relieveth agonies; O thou that art the Cherisher of good deeds.

O Alleviator of suffering; O Fulfiller of hopes.

O Patron of the believers! O Fulfiller of all needs. O He Who is worshipped and thankful! One day, disgusted, the father invoked curse upon him.

O my haven when the ways make me weary. Click to download PDF printer dya version of the dua. O You that are informed of all intentions.

English Translation of Dua Mashlool – Wilayat Mission

O You that chose Ibrahim as a friend. O You full of loving and kindness; O nearest Duz. O my Neighbor that art adjacent. O Bestower of grace; O Grantor of favours. O Lord of great Glory O You that are present f every place. Domestic affairs are set aright. O You that did accept the offering of Habeel. There is no God but You. Kalam Lal Shahbaz Qalandar urdu. O Guide; O Magnanimous.


O Excuser; O Pardoner. O You Formidable in Your foundations.

O Forbearing; O Bountiful. O Thou that raiseth men in rank and degree; O Thou that accedeth to requests; O Thou that bringeth the dead to life; O Thou that ,ashlool together that which is scattered. O Thou that maketh breezes blow; O Thou that cleaveth the day-break.

It brings countless blessings. Then and there Ali ibna Talib wrote his dua’a and gave it to him with instruction to recite after Isha salat.