Download Dua e Qadah App apk for Android. In this App you will find dua e qadah in urdu language. Dua Qadah Muazzam wazifa – Benefits of Dua Qadah Muazzam This Dua is so Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: “Whoever recites Ayat Al-Kursi immediately. HAZARAT, I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE MERITS OF DUA E QADAH, AND WANT TO HAVE WAZIFA FOR TO HAVE A OBIDIENT,NAIK,ALLAH KA RAH.

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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Thank you Waqas for uploading… Prayers for all….

Ayat-ul-Shifa Imam-e-tariqat Abu Qasim qusheeri ra se munqool hai. The recitor’s qaeah this Dua poverty is removed and debt will be cleared miraculously. Mashallah this dua is very nice.

Thanks for visiting w site. Aslam alakum Sister can u please send me the translated copy also. March 13, at 7: I will upload whenever i will find this dua. Wa Alaikum us salam, Sister i am also searching the translation of this dua. You are commenting using your WordPress.


Please kindly correct your copy as well. April 6, at Wo farmatay hain ke un ka aik bacha bemar ho gia aur us ke be Illahee antal lazee qulta. This is Original copy which is scanned…Thanks for visiting my site…. In Makkah the economic conditions of the Muslims we May be qadwh will be more helpful for the Muslim ummah.

Dua Qadah Muazzam ~ Qurani Wazifas

Allahu laa illaha illa huwa lahu’l asmaa’oul husna. Read this Surah 7 times, if your eyes hurt.

July 26, at Illahe antal lazee laisa kamislihi shai’oun wa huwa ala kul’li shai’in qadeerun’wa antal lazee ta’lamus’ sir’ra rua eilana wa ma fil qulubi. I used to read this dua on daily basis. February 23, at December 6, at 7: April 22, at 6: Illahee antal lazee ta’fu anil ma’aasi ba’da an’naghruqa fiz’zunubi.

Feeling Eagerness for the Prayer. My email address qadwh mavishhusnain hotmail. I Can send u this dua by Email and you can download it from here.


Dua Qadah Muazzam wazifa Free Download

Dear sister, I need this dua translation very badly if you send it to me. Benefits of Durood Muqaddas.

Keep remember me on your prayer. Please pray for me and my family.

Dua e Qadah App

Read this Surah 7 times, if your eyes hurt. Thereis no Deity except Him.

Wa la haula wa la Quwata illa billahil aaliyil azeemm. June 16, at 3: I am very sorry to say that i have not any evidence of this mistake that Mr. February 1, at 2: August 29, at 4: June 2, at 8: