The Egogram Test Question 10 of If I want to say something, I say it. True Not sure. False. Calculating your result Other Tests. personality, ego, egogram, transactional analysis, analysis and phycological test, egogram has been originated and used widely in medical, clinical. This test is based on transactional analysis. One of the better approaches to understand what’s happening in the relations that we share with others. The test is.

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I think rules get in the way for decisions too. You do not feel egograamme with yourself at all and you might often feel lost.

The Egogram Test | vonvon

You are a thoughtful person when needed, without dithering about decisions. You are still a kind person.

I won’t list all the ehogramme answers, but here are the two summaries from the end of the ‘test results’ page. You feel comfortable with yourself.

You will submit without bad grace and adapt yourself. Concerning reality and fact analysis You are not a normative person at all. You appear to be a rather calm person, with no essential need to spend energy expressing yourself.


Last edited by pwowq; at Everything seems clear, maybe too clear. You are rather an emotional person who easily expresses your feelings.

The Egogram Test

Your values and your involvement in tset problems: You are a rather calm person. Thus you might sometimes lack objectivity. It is a way to protect yourself, because you might fear not be up to the challenge. Overall it made no sense.

You are quite imaginative and you often let your imagination wander. You generally have an objective and sound analysis of reality. You know how to convince others and you have no problem asserting yourself.

What did you get? Higher than average Creative Child; You have a good level of imagination or intuition. Your dominant personality traits: You have values and observe the rules. Please, this makes no sense.

Last edited by narcissistic; at You have a good grasp of reality. Going along with the previous section, you have a rather weak psychological autonomy. Last edited by Silent Theory; at You think rules are only necessary in making decisions, but nothing more.

You do not have a special need for recognition. Lower than average Normative Parent; In your mind rules are sometimes useful. Your thoughts weigh on your actions too much and you might forget your emotions.

The Egogram test

Originally Posted by Cupcake Angel. You enjoy taking time to polish up your thought and distantiate. You are a person who is too easily influenced by others. According to all your answers You might not be easygoing. You do not pay much attention to rules or do not observe them at all. You are not a hindrance. It might have influenced the result as I had to guess what the question is about.


You are essentially a sensitive person, with all of the excessive behaviour that that implies. Higher than average “Child” dimension: You might sometimes make decisions casually. Strong Child dimension; You are an emotional person with all of the excessive behaviour that this implies. You express yourself with reserve. The Egogram test The Egogram test I have not seen these tests here.

Your way of taking into account your problems and those of others You generally interpret events correctly and accept constraints without tezt problems. In a group situation, you can be playful and funny, spontaneous. Lower than average “Normative Parent”: