Stress also is a significant predisposing factor in the pathogenesis of clinical coccidiosis. Transmission of E. caviae occurs with ingestion of sporulated oocysts . By considering host specificity, parasite structure and location, we identified these intracytoplasmic coccidian stages as Eimeria caviae. Lab Anim Sci. Feb;32(1) Diagnostic exercise. Eimeria caviae infection with concurrent Balantidium coli infection. Hankinson GJ, Murphy JC, Fox JG.

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Endoparasites in guinea pigs Cavia porcellus Mammalia, Rodentia, Caviidae from breeding and experimentation animal housing of the municipality of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This paper discusses the prevalence and intensity of infection of endoparasites in conventionally maintained Short Hair guinea pigs colonies from a breeding Eimeriw and an experimental B facilities in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It also evaluates the efficacy of the methods of prevention adopted by both facilities. The search of parasites was performed by direct examination of intestinal mucosa and its contents, WHEATLEY’s trichrome method and coproparasitological examinations by Ritchie’s and Kinyoun’s techniques.

Attenuation of Eimeria caviae by selection for precocious development.

The prevalences of endoparasites found throught direct examination of intestinal mucosa and its contents were: The prevalences of endoparasites found throught Ritchie’s and Kinyoun’s techniques in facility A were: The high prevalences in both facilities suggest that the efficacy of the sanitary barriers adopted in the prevention of parasitic infections should be revised.


Os objetivos do presente trabalho foram: Os animais foram divididos em dois grupos: Os endoparasitos Balantidium sp. Figura 1AP. Figura 1E e E. As medidas dos cistos de Cyathodinium encontradas no presente trabalho foram maiores do que aquelas descritas na literatura para C. Apesar de os oocistos de Cryptosporidium sp. Sociedade Brasileira de Zoologia, Patterns of infection with the nematodes Syphacia obvelata and Aspiculuris tetraptera in Conventionally Maintained Laboratory Mice.

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Diagnostic exercise. Eimeria caviae infection with concurrent Balantidium coli infection.

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Attenuation of Eimeria caviae by selection for precocious development.

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Services on Demand Journal. How to cite this article.