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I will eventually read them. I certainly didn’t want them to librk once I reached the last chunk of pages. Eventually she would bear his two sons Sirrus and Akenar, so as you can tell, I knew Atrus would succeed even during reading this, so I don’t feel I am giving anything away.

The Book of Atrus (Myst, #1) by Rand Miller

There were three other games to fallow in its path of success. Jan 23, Kristen rated it really liked it. Gehn grows more despicable with the turning of every page.

This reader is very thought provoking.

The Book of Atrus

Together, they eke a happy existence in the barren wasteland. The language, the alphabet even the day cycle. Yet in arrus novel you are introduced to not only infinite worlds, but the creation of new ones and the process to do so. For those who have not played the Myst games these stories probably would not hold much interest as stand alone stories.

I have tried to teach you the mechan I love this book not only for the story behind it but for the splendid moral integrity of two of the characters.


Myst. El Libro De Atrus

The story takes place during a time of peace, everything was calm and no wars or fights have accord in hundreds of years. One thing to keep in mind as you read atus that the Myst trilogy was written to the fan base of the wildly popular computer games Myst releasedRivenExileRevelationand End of Ages You can read more of my reviews at https: Feb 09, Angela rated it really liked it Shelves: For the first book, I wasn’t really connected to the story until it was almost over.

I enjoyed them, but think they wouldn’t really stand up well as stories themselves for those unfamiliar with the games.

What is interesting is that this description of Fl Art can be broadened to include any act of creation, with a special nod to the creation of an artificial world such as those portrayed in novels, movies, and multimedia computer games. It’s strange that a lot of books don’t adopt this kind of method, because it really is eye catching and I’m It really seems only fitting that a video game about books would have a series of books published in its name.

I mean, who doesn’t think about playing God sometimes? I completely recommend it to anyone who wants to swim among the stars or be lord of a thousand worlds.

I’ll leave these mysteries to be discovered for yourself. May 30, Noah rated it liked it. I read this book as a kid and went back to see how it held up.


Myst 1 2 Jul 06, That one provides much of the back story on D’ni culture and setting up their world. Gehn is obsessed with reviving a practice known simply as the Art: I would recommend this book and the series to anyone looking for a good fantasy and sci-fi mix.

The game of Myst has been so popular in the past, it was at one point the best selling video game ever made. In my effort to finally read through the books that have been in my possession for literally decades, Myst was one of the first I reached for.

As exciting to read as liibro was to play.

Jul 08, Joe Donley rated it really liked it Dw However, I was rather disappointed with the last book. Has anyone else read the MYST books?

Myst is one such story; the sheer depth of the story and the characters is astonishing; this is a case of the iceberg principle where the vast majority of the interactions between the characters involve aspects of them that the reader doesn’t even know.

It took me a while to get through the whole trilogy – mainly because the second installment dragged to hell and back – and having finally finished it, I am glad I read it. The Book of D’ni: