Revici’s Guided Chemotherapy is an ineffective cancer treatment devised by Emanuel Revici (–). Revici’s early work on experimental chemical- based. Emanuel Revici, M.D., until he passed away ran the Revici Life Science Center in NY, NY. Dr. Korin took over until he passed away. It is run for awhile by Dr. USPTO patent applications submitted by and patents granted to Emanuel Revici.

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Still awaiting mainstream corroboration are numerous reports of patients with advanced cancer who obtained long-term remission under his treatment after failing to benefit from any other therapy. The history of Revici’s publications and evaluations, extending back to World War II, exemplifies the problems that most originators of non-standard approaches to cancer experience in seeking mainstream understanding and trials of their therapy.

By using this site, you agree emanule the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They treat late stage cancers, especially brain, lung, pancreatic, and metastasized breast carcinomas, and also AIDS.

Emanuel Revici, M.D.: innovator in nontoxic cancer chemotherapy

The concepts Revici evolved from study of these “twin formations” as he termed themor energetic centers, also played a crucial role in his design of therapeutic agents. For more information on unconventional medical therapies and cancer see OncoLink’s Complementary Treatments section.

His understanding of the effects of metals, chemicals, vitamins, minerals at each hierarchical level is quite amazing. The formal charges against him amounted to a sharp divergence in approach from conventional oncology practice. He earned his medical license in NY by examination in and maintained his dual career as a scientist and physician in New York City until his death. Composition and method for treatment of copper deficiency.

The idea and money came from a friend, Gaston Merry, formerly European representative of E. Understanding emanuep differences between the 2 metabolic states of anaerobic and dysaerobic can mean the difference between life and death, health and disease and fast recovery versus slow recovery. Failing to understand the importance of these fundamental life processes could cost you your health.


Method for treating drug addiction US A method for terminating pregnancy which comprises internally administering to the body a sufficient amount of a bivalent negative sulfur composition to induce menstruation.

Emanuel Revici, M.D.: innovator in nontoxic cancer chemotherapy 1896-1997.

Method of employing therapeutic composition comprising ammonium or substituted ammonium compounds for treatment of alcoholism US His discoveries of selenium pre-dated conventional understanding by several decades. Revici’s Guided Chemotherapy is an ineffective cancer treatment devised by Emanuel Revici — Pharmaceutical compositions having antineoplastic activity. Method for treating the effects of alcohol.

The records were kept in Spanish. To ease pain in his cancer patients, he then turned to developing lipidic means to change pH, recognizing that interventions based on amino acids, ions, or proteins would not last long enough for meaningful relief.

Before proceeding, he felt it necessary to redefine lipids fatty acids and sterolswhich were generally regarded in the early 20th century as greasy, water-insoluble substances extractable in ether, a definition that still appears in many biochemistry books. Method for relieving pain or producing analgesia. In a dysaerobic imbalance there is excess catabolic activity that is taking place due to lipid peroxidation. It may also cause potentially serious side effects. The compounds contain between 0.

Intervention by lipids at this level of the body’s defenses, he reasoned, might affect outcome and even the extent of mobilization at other levels. The information on this page is provided by The Cancer Cure Foundation based on information we have received from a variety of sources, including the clinic itself, rdvici from people who have gone to the clinic, and in some cases from clinic tours.

Since the s, emanhel research has independently confirmed a number of his therapeutic breakthroughs. As a result of these studies, Revici proposed that a crucial distinction be made between pathological pain and what he termed “physiological pain” a distinction supported by many subsequent years of research.

In New York, the health department — OPMC — revokes the licenses of physicians, the education department processes applications to restore them. Dick resigned suddenly the next year, and Revici promptly accepted an invitation from physicians, businessmen, and civic leaders to found an experimental cancer clinic in New York City.


Part 1, Part 2Part 3. revidi

Emanuel Revici, MD: Among the Most Significant Physicians In History

Pasteurized Dairy Is Dead. In fact, emanuek patients had autopsies after their deaths and there was no evidence of tumor alteration as a consequence of therapy. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Revici then settled in Mexico City for the duration of the war. There is no objective evidence that BTA has any impact on cancer.

This contributes to excess intra-cellular acidity, excess potassium in the cells and can derail function in various organs, and systems in the body. Albert Einstein called him the greatest mind he had ever met. As with so much of his work, rvici of molecular structures makes ekanuel wonder why Revici’s American peers resisted this discovery: The Cancer Cure Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to researching and providing information about alternative cancer treatments and therapies since Method for terminating pregnancy US On the prowl in the North Atlantic, U-boats in the German “wolf pack” were raising their periscopes to sight the vessel, bent on torpedoing it.

A method for treating or aiding in the treatment of a tobacco habit or addiction in a human by controlling the craving for tobacco or controlling tobacco withdrawal symptoms which comprises internally administering to said human rebici effective amount of a compound having an active ingredient containing at least one bivalent negative sulfur to control said craving or said withdrawal symptoms so as to reduce the desire for ekanuel.

He also used urine testing such as the measurement of urinary surface tension, specific gravity and urine pH. Method for treating the effects of alcohol US As he developed his theories and applications, Revici incorporated another basic insight: