Entering the Castle Finding the Inner Path to God and Your Soul’s Purpose ” The New Age is middle-aged and needs a makeover,” says Caroline Myss, author. Entering the Castle Online Feature. 7 Home · About Caroline Myss · Products on Amazon · Caroline’s Blog · Free Resources. Entering the Castle by Caroline Myss is a powerful 9-CD program that will give you a deeply personal, revelatory experience of your soul.

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But the reward is beautiful Fantastic visualization for the process of coming clean with your own thoughts, your own needs, etc in order to be ready for the journey ahead: She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in journal Caroline Myss was born on December 2, in Chicago, and grew up with her parents, and two brothers, one elder and one younger, in the Melrose Park, Illinois neighbourhood near Chicago. Several times she’s told the audience to “get over it.

She has claimed repeatedly to be able to intuit a diagnosis over the phone or by looking at people, claims psychic abilities like being able to tell how many marriages a person has had, talks repeatedly about how clearing your chakras will heal you.

Jan 23, Christy marked it as to-read. Myss has the reader journal to develop our prayer, contemplation, and intuitive life.

In addition, she discusses the influences upon the great saint as well as those she influenced.

Sep 06, Elyse Walters rated it liked it. If you prefer to stay unconscious, do not pick up this book. I think this book has potential to ‘mess’ with people’s heads. You Can Be Difficult – Admit it. She also claims to hold a Ph.

They see beyond calls for destruction and violence as means for solving problems. They misinterpret it as a search for an occupation. Apr 19, Megan rated it did not like it. Her work is featured on her popular website www. And as always, Caroline does a great job of holding your feet to the fire, of making you own what tbe yours, of not letting you off easy, and not telling you this will be an easy process. In too many places I wrote in the margin, “What about grace?


The second thing is we have a need to believe that, if we close our eyes and say, “God help us,” there really is someone on the end of that phone call. And we discovered woundologyand the age of the self was born.

Yes, you have to do your homework, but ymss grace energy, power, or whatever term one uses from God will empower you to do so, not your own volition. But I have too much respect for Caroline Myss to turn my back on and walk away from anything she says.

Caroline Myss: Entering the Castle of the Soul

It wasn’t long before the reading became so painful that I put it down and thought I might never pick it up again. Instructions – Pray every day – Be virtuous. So what’s the perk of following this? Myss is a motivational teaching and is called a “popular theologian”. Working my way through this book. Clearly Myss has no problem with this, nor does she have any issue with misrepresenting so many others’ though St.

Seekers on all parts will find here mature wisdom and deep sacred passion expressed with thrilling directness and a fierce psychological precision worthy of Teresa herself. Take note of your stubborn patterns; relinquish control.

Sep 26, Michael Graber added it. Using Teresa of Avila’s Interior Castle as a guide, Entering the Castle is a both a field guide and workbook for enteeing most intense and rigorous seekers. One reading is not enough. I have many thoughts about “Entering The Castle”. A transformative comprehensive guidebook into our sacred center.


It is a path to God through reflection, through prayer. And that’s just the way we are designed. You are learning to love heaven and Earth, God and self, to be one with the soul of humanity. Thank you entring signing up, fellow book lover!

‘God Doesn’t Want Your Real Estate’

Unfortunately many do fall under the spell of poor writing, half-formed ideas, and an emotionalism that would be profound if weren’t so clearly bound to bad ideas. And it’s like, if I’m good I will never become ill. The ,yss decides to use the word “reptiles” instead of St. Price may vary by retailer. Again, it was an audience in which people said to me ” I just know I was born to do something wonderful.

The author uses the term “monks without monasteries”. I have no intention of becoming a mystic and the tone of the myxs was too much like a ‘forced march’ into the castle. If this is xaroline it takes to be a mystic, I don’t need it. When somebody says, “For what reason have I been born? I did the ‘soul work” and got through one mansion after another.

For someone to look upon her work and declare it to be mystical in the sense of a modern declaration carline one’s union with the cosmos would be to treat such with nothing short of intellectual dishonesty and for no other purpose than personal self-deluded promotion.

Whether or not you continue on to meet God, your life would be much richer without the reptiles in your soul. It is a gift and not something that can be self-manufactured.