The Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front is a leftist political coalition in Ethiopia. The EPRDF consists of four political parties, namely Amhara Democratic Constitution; Presidency. [show]. Constitution · History · President ( List). This sort of reaction happens in front of the new Ethiopian Constitution too. . the EPRDF leader and now president Meles Zenawi: 1) a constitution supporting a. In May the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) entered the capital. The EPRDF introduced a temporary constitution called the.

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Despite the peace treaty, tension remains between the two countries. The first general election held after the adoption of the Constitution was the election.

Ethiopia has a tradition of highly personal and strongly centralized government, a eprf the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front the coalition presently in government has followed despite constitutional limits on federal power.

The first elections under the constitution were held in May and June of It shall formulate and implement foreign policy; it shall negotiate and ratify international agreements. A proposed revision of the constitution was released inbut it had no legal effect, and was soon forgotten in the events of the Ethiopian Revolution.

Justice The constitution provides for an constituttion judiciary. However, they did not take place in an environment where true political competition could occur. Elections Recent elections Presidential: Inthe Italians ousted Emperor Selassie from power.

Peace talks led by the Provisional Government of Eritrea and the United States ended in a cease-fire. Federal and State powers are defined by this Constitution. The opposition constitutipn with former President Jimmy Carter in Februarybut the strategy failed when the transitional government declined President Carter’s offer to mediate. Each party wanted control over certain key areas of the country in anticipation of the upcoming elections. Page 8 of Ethiopia then rejects the treaty.


Menelik signs a bilateral friendship treaty with Italy, which Italy interprets as giving it a protectorate over Ethiopia.

Some gold came later, to be constitutjon. Judiciary Federal Supreme Court. This page was last edited on 1 Julyat Each regional state is headed by a president elected by the state council, and the cities are headed by a chairman.

Constitutions of Ethiopia – Wikipedia

The constitution consists of articles in 11 chapters. Elections were held again in Next page Health and welfare. The opposition appealed to the United States in the hope that the TGE could participate in the formation of a new transitional government that would be more inclusive of other political parties.

Constitutional history Ethiopia is the oldest independent country in Africa and one of the oldest independent countries in the world. The Constitution reflected both a backlash against the Derg’s ethnic violence and Ethiopia’s multitude of ethnic groups.

President Meles Zenawi becomes Prime Minister. Elections Recent elections Presidential: We welcome suggested improvements to constiturion of our articles.

The State Council is the highest authority in each state, and it has the authority to amend the state constitution. Mengistu, financed by the Soviet Union, implemented a totalitarian-style government and a massive militarization of the country. With the exception of the five years under Italian controlEthiopia remains one of the few African countries not colonized by a European power.

The constitution was drawn up by the Constituent Assembly that was elected in June Political disagreements within the Council led to military infighting, which pushed the country to the brink of civil war. The Federal Government and the States shall have legislative, executive and judicial powers. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Without proper rendering supportyou may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of Ethiopic characters.


Michael Johns, an Africa expert with the Heritage Foundationwrote in that “there are some modestly encouraging signs that the front intends to abandon Mengistu’s autocratic practices”. It shall administer the National Bank, print and borrow money, mint coins, regulate foreign exchange and money in circulation; it shall determine by law the conditions and terms under which States can borrow money from internal sources.

The House is responsible to the People. It shall be responsible for the development, administration and regulation of air, rail, waterways and sea transport and major roads linking two or more States, as well as for postal and telecommunication services. This process created a state with over eighty ethnic groups who speak over seventy languages.

Ethiopia has had four constitutions:. It is likely that sorghum thus reached India, where cultivation began between 1, and 1,….

Constitutional history of Ethiopia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Given the non-participation of many opposition parties in the elections, the EPRDF won the majority of the electoral contests.

It provides for a parliamentary system, with a mostly ceremonial President as head of state, and executive power vested in a Council of Ministers headed by a Prime Minister.

During the local e;rdf in Aprilgovernment intimidation made it difficult for opposition candidates to run for office. Major coastal reserves of this type lie along the North African Mediterranean coast and along the Red Sea and Indian…. The World and Iin: Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students.

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