Every Little Thing in the World. Nina de Gramont, Author. S&S/Atheneum $ (p) ISBN I wish I could say that about Nina de Gramont’s book, Every Little Thing in the World, but I can’t. This book, about a teenage girl dealing with her. Every Little Thing in the World. Deborah Stevenson. de Gramont, Nina. Every Little Thing in the World. Atheneum, [p]. ISBN $

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My problem was the fact that Sydeny didn’t change. It all seemed to happen very organically and she became a stronger person. This was, of course, a big deal since I am not a book buyer.

May 22, Kat litfle it liked it Shelves: In that nanosecond it takes for a mirror to give our faces back to us our mind has already done all sorts of perverse rearranging. I think this is an easy cross-over title for adults, as well, who may already be familiar with the author. And while I do feel that she could have handled some of the situations differently, I still admire her for doing what was right for her in the end, not leaving others to influence her decision.

Although I found Gossip of the Starlings a let down, I think de Gramont has found her voice i young adult fiction.

EVERY LITTLE THING IN THE WORLD by Nina de Gramont | Kirkus Reviews

Which is what I was looking for in a way when I picked up this book. Readers will see a strong character development and will efery the fact that the novel is very relatable in many aspects. Although Sydney is described as a “good kid,” she is anything but a good role model for teens like myself. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Discover what to read next.

No, dvery was just so completely raw and real; I can completely see this happening in real life. Overall, an empty summer gramony that you can enjoy if you’re bored and don’t expect anything at all. There isnt really a point to it except some girl gets caught at a keg party with her best friend who is from sweden i think and then she finds out shes pregnant and her parents are divorced and her dad is a hippy that has the same ideas as sr amina with fast food and stuff so the main girl moves with her weird hippy dad then he sends her away so she tells her best friend that shes being sent away to canada for a kanoo trip then her best friend convinces her parents to instead of sending her to sweden to send her to the kanoo outdoor camp for a month but before her best friend leaves she finds out her parents are really her grandparents and her sister is really her mother.


The book is ultimately about owning your own life and recognizing that your choices have consequences and then facing them rather than just coasting along. This book is a good mix-up, and it IS nice to see a different view on the outlook on preganancy, such as this, being abortion. It was decently written and pretty realistic.

So, though this title contains a lot of what we see in teen lit — especially the pregnancy, trouble-making teen — read this one for the writing and for the character of Sydney. The campers brush their teeth into the lake.

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But in a way, I couldn’t stand it. Also, you could feel her frustration on which choice to make- have it or abort it? Sydney was a character that was easy to like from the beginning because while she had a big problem that none of you teens out there will hopefully have to face during your high school years, she also had others that were easy to relate to.

Sid almost yramont because her camp counselors encourage her to slide down a stream leading to a waterfall without a PFD. All of the characters tje the story were great and I liked the ending.


Sydney also learns that she must take action in the situations she faced. I finished it yes, because I was hoping there would be a transformation in the character. Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus.

Every Little Thing in the World by Nina de Gramont

She wasn’t living in a bad home, she wasn’t poor, she had nothing obvious like so. I know I am an old woman and a prude but really – 14 year old girls need to read about sex, pregancy, sex, sex, drugs, abortions and more sex? Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only. But after the car is reported stolen and police bring the girls home, their parents send them away to wilderness camp as punishment. In lieu of an abstract, here is thd brief excerpt of the content: A camper drops her pack in the water and the counselor grumbles and pulls out the sleeping bag to dry, because who’s ever hear of wet bags?

Books hting the Week. I just don’t understand why read something that has no resolution whatsoever. I enjoyed it quite all right and I was never bored enough not to finish it. Sydney, 16, gets pregnant and is sent away for the summer on a canoeing trip. There were many more philosophical thoughts and evaluations of life that weren’t present in live-for-the-moment times earlier.

Sydney’s situation is one that looms over many readers, and they’ll both be moved by her experience and enlightened by her reflections as she struggles to make a decision.

In the end, what will Sydney choose to do?