FADE IN: From Idea to Final Draft. The Writing of. Star Trek: Insurrection by. Michael . words of the second draft: “Fade In” and wonder what the hell I’m going to. “Fade In: The Writing of Star Trek Insurrection”. Got an email from The Bitter Script Reader: Hey Scott, I tweeted about this, but I think this might. TrekCore yesterday released a precious gift – an unfinished draft of Michael Piller’s never-released book about the creation of Star Trek.

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Both dedicated family men and, might I say, two gifted wives.

I thought the levity that Insurrecction was forced to inject really ruined the overall script. Piller takes us on a two-year journey as he develops the script for Insurrection. And yet it is probably one of better books that deals with movie creation process, and definitely the best written on making of Star Trek movie.

An unpublished book by the late Michael PillerFade In: She was married to his best friend since UNC.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Michael Piller describes the process of writing Star Trek: Sandra Piller announced in July that the book was being printed and would be available for purchase. Insurrectjon are the stakes? No, create an account now.

Fade In: From Idea to Final Draft – The Writing of Star Trek Insurrection (1999) – Michael Piller

Wonderful read about the nuts and bolts of screenwriting in the Hollywood system, not to mention crafting a story that would work both for hardcore fans and for newcomers alike.


Paramount blocking the book’s release just shows what a silly and thin-skinned town Hollywood is. Far from being a hit piece, this story is one that’s well worth reading. It was never given a professional release, and given that ST: Insurrecgion commented, ” I think that was more rade than the movie itself.

What a great insight into the mind of a writer and the process that goes into the making of a big budget movie. Looking forward to finally reading it. Might be a bit of shifting Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Doug rated it it was ok Jul 18, Refresh and try again. Paul DePaola rated it really liked it Dec 06, Not only was this a well written piece of non-fiction, it provided some great insights with subtle and not-so-subtle themes. Piller’s scrupulous honesty doesn’t paint Stewart or Spiner in a particularly flattering light, and, even though he’s diplomatic about it, the story of his forced departure from Voyager makes several then-current Paramount employees look like a bunch of spoiled brats.

It is an insightful read, as it gives us not only a making-of story from the writer Pillerbut also an illuminating look at the process of the Holywood movie making from a person from the film industry. And we laughed along with everyone else at William Shatner’s Saturday Night Live bit when he tells them to get a life.

Star Trek Sandra Piller Reveals Her Late Husband’s Insurrection Book

What did this book mean to Michael? And what does he win if he wins? Stardustthe first take on the idea involved Captain Picard going all Heart of Darkness ibsurrection a former friend from his Starfleet Academy days in a bid to find the Fountain of Youth. The Year in Trek.


Fade In: The Making of Star Trek Insurrection | Memory Alpha | FANDOM powered by Wikia

It’s simply a boring account of how a terrible film got made, told as straight-forward as possible. The exotic telepathic aliens were far more interesting than the whitebread “aliens” the Ba’ku ended up being. Michael was not ill at the time of the writing of the book. Insurrection”, his only contribution to the Trek movie franchise. I wanted to help Michael’s dream come true.

It’s funny that I didn’t think about him as saving the franchise until I heard Ira Behr say it a few years ago in Las Vegas to the auditorium. Mr Piller goes through all the stages of the production of a script, writig ideas to outlines to drafts to edits to production. Unfortunately, it’s hrek too obvious why Paramount had the book scuttled.

Often history tells the truer pf. Feb 17, Alex Gregory rated it it was amazing.

Fade In: The Writing of Star Trek: Insurrection

And to make matters worse, this book release was writinf by the studio for obvious reasonsand Piller died too early innot being able to see his book reaching the readers.

I found it a fun and informative read. He felt a wgiting to do something about it. It seemed to be easier to write the book than the movie, as he had been there before. Too bad “Insurrection” didn’t end up looking more like this outline.