A. Kelvin-Varley. Voltage Divider. Instruction Manual. P/N mm (8) In the event of failure of a product covered by this warranty, John Fluke Mfg. Co., . The Fluke A Kelvin-Varley Voltage Divider generates V and 11W of power. A models provide an absolute linearity of ppm, a temperature. Find great deals for Fluke A Kelvin Varley Voltage Divider Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Later ones are accessible from front panel to implement calibration functionality for decades A and B.

All operation controls and terminals are located on the front face, making it easy to use. Maximum voltage and current limits are indicated as well.

720A Kelvin-Varley Divider

This instrument is… Image 7: Wiring harness, all fixed in place. Wiring around decade B. Our unit still have old-style Fluke logo, bit yellowed switches and of course dirty connectors:. That reveals 40 year age of this instrument.

| Fluke A Kelvin-Varley Divider restoration

Bridge power and detector terminals are used for calibration and linearity testing. May the Volt be with you.

The KVD Kelvin-Varley Voltage divider incorporates a number of advanced features making for convenience and high performance.

270a switch have many long rotary sections. If reading correct, date-code on on decade A switch is 6th weekand resistors on A trimmer board are 37th week One of our contributors, Todd sent few photos of something what supposed to be Fluke A, but with very different internals!


Bridge balance gluke and trimmers accessible from front panel. Internal construction of pole rotary switch, used in Dec.

Incorrect wiring on decade switch. The single turn pots are wire wound, manufactured by CTS. Oil-filled main decade A fill port Here comes first trap for young metrologists and precision nuts. There is fluoe little 5K KVD -pot with co-axis fine and coarse adjustment for balancing bridge.

There are no connectors, vent openings or anything else on sides and rear of the instrument. Oil-filled main decade A.

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Wiring error on decade A This reveals that all decade A resistors are wired incorrectly by one position counter-clockwise from switch rear view.

Fluke A Instruction manual Fluke A schematics Instruction manual provide use, calibration 720aa servicing information for the unit. Fluke A and printed instruction manual. Additional service and repairs Plastic shafts used to rotate decade switches were replaced as well. Front panel binding posts soldering job. Output voltage and division ratio was within 4. Sticker on the unit.

Close-up on exterior controls and ports Of course, reason of why this article is published in repair section very simple. Hence oil fill help to keep all resistors of decade same even with quick change in input voltage and dissipated power. All readers are welcome to leave your commends and feedback.


Correct wiring from good F Inside bottom side Bottom side reveals some serious touch on details, with oil-filled flukd chamber for most critical first decade A. Markings on rotary switch and resistors. Wiring error gluke decade A. If anyone knows details about this, please share. Gold also allows the use with low level signals.

On coarse precision levels it may be possible to use this constant linear TCR value, and add simple linear correction. Troubleshooting and repair Incorrect wiring on Decade A switch Continuity measurements revealed lack of connection from Input terminals to the beginning of Decade A resistor network.

All components in our box are in place, nothing stolen or missing. Also connection to input and output binding posts has got my attention, as soldering does not look very good. Later decades only fine-tune resistance of primary resistors in decade A. Placing all resistors inside same oil-filled container does not make tluke more stable or precise, but instead equalize resistor temperatures even with different flkke dissipation of resistor network.

Seven decades with position rotary switch in each allow to set arbitrary division ratio of an input voltage.