Find great deals for Endress Hauser Prosonic FMU Ultrasonic Transmitter Measuring System. Shop with confidence on eBay!. matrix fmu – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. FMU Ultrasonic Measurement Operating Instructions. FMU FMU FMU Endress + Hauser The Power of Know How.

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Matrix positions for channel 2 inbrackets. Commuwin II using the acyclic data 86. A two-core cable with fully braided shield is to be used for connecting the sensor andelectronics shield: The LED of the relay lights up when the relay energises.

Endress Hauser Prosonic FMU 860 Ultrasonic Transmitter Measuring System

Caution highlights actions or procedures which, if not performed correctly, may lead topersonal injury or incorrect functioning of the instrument. The Prosonic FMU transmitter must be installed outside the explosion hazardousarea. Other technical units are then to be entered in V8H5. For bowed-topped tanks in particular the focussing effect of thetop causes double reflections which are often stronger than the echo from 8600 productsurface.

This fmk in the device data base 680 name. Operating matrix Other functions of the Prosonic FMU can be called up in this operating mode within theinstrument parameters menu.

Mounting theall-weather protective cover on the IP 66 protective housing is also illustrated. Basic setting Basic adjustment and Setting the totalisersNote! After entering a characteristic code, the 80 flow exceeds this vale and causesa signal overrun.


The average value of readingsh1 and h2 describes the contents of the silo much better than separate measurements. A widespread example of such vessels isa tank with conical outlet. Application parameter 2Fine bulk solidsApplication parameter 2, see Fig.

The application parameters areselected at matrix position V0H3 for channel two V4H3 Application parameter 0, liquids Application parameter 1, liquids with rapid level changes Application parameter 2, fine-grained bulk solids Application parameter 3, coarse bulk solids Application parameter 4, bulk solids with rapid level changes.

Codes to are reserved for customer-specific weirs. Press the plug of the connecting cable into the jack of the transmitter electronics andscrew the plug in tightly using a small flat bladed screwdriver.

Relay 5 has the alarm indication function preset. The LED belonging to it lights upwhen operation is free from fault.

The cables of different groups must be separated. Explosion protectionSymbol Meaning Device certified for use in explosion hazardous areaIf the fmmu has this symbol embossed on its name plate it can be installed in an explosionhazardous area.

For two-channel units both sensors must be cmu. Separate switching input e. The board of thetransmitter electronics is mountedseparately in the cabinet.

Channel 1 provides a continuous indication of the level h1. Signal pattern recognition using fuzzy logic elements and selectable applicationparameters to shorten commissioning times and to ensure long-term and correctultrasonic measurement. With a normally 8600 contact r the currentpath u-r is closed when the relay isde-energized and open when it is energisedExternal limit switch The setting of the external limit switch acts on all the relays.


A green LED also indicates that operation is free from faultsand flashes on warning. The Prosonic FMU compensates forvariations in temperature as the integrated sensor for temperature also providestemperature information.

This is known asthe blocking distance BD and fu the minimum distance between the sensordiaphragm and the maximum level in the silo.

Fmy resetting the transducer: The digit at the extreme left is selected and flashes. It is connected to Transducer Block TB 2 and contains the following parameters: External totalizercan be controlled by the relays see chapter 7. Provided that all participants support them, very high transmission rates are possible.

Manual Prosonic Fmu – [PDF Document]

Do not damage the cores when removing the insulation. Controls Prosonic FMU CIP at 95 C Sterilisation 30 min.

FMU 86 Order codeChapter 1: If installed incorrectly orused for applications for which they are not intended, however, it is possible thatapplication-related dangers may arise, e. When installing ultrasonic sensors in explosion hazardous areas, it is imperative topay attention to the instructions on the certificate and local rules for installation. The exact way of performing the configuration depends on the configuration software of the PLC.