: Remarkable Miracles (): G. C. Bevington: Books. G C Bevington Biography – – G C Bevington Biography and List of Works – G C G C Bevington Is the author of books such as Remarkable Incidents and. Remarkable Miracles has 14 ratings and 4 reviews. Eddie said: This a faith builder. Brother Bevington uses the testimony to stir the faith of his readers.

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Bevington was a preacher who ministered in rural Kentucky and other states during the early 20th century. He was single, specially devoted to God–and a man who developed an amazing prayer life. Now departed saints from Asbury College who knew him, said that he was not an outstanding pulpit orator, but that people were always bringing him prayer requests.

When feeling a burden from God to pray about a certain matter, Bevington would often retire to the woods and pray for hours, even days–until he felt the burden lift, “saw” in his heart and mind the answer that God desired, or otherwise knew from God that “he had prayed the matter through” and that the victory was won. One story illustrates his stature with God.

Tragically, a fine Christian girl was physically attacked, but she was so traumatized by the event that she could not speak about it. Desperate to help the girl and her family, the elders of her church petitioned Bevington to “retire to the woods and pray the matter through” and to “not give up the trail until he got to the end of it. Bevington agreed to do so. Accordingly, he retired to the woods he said that the woods beviington his seminarybevlngton into a hollow log and began to pray.


During such extended times of prayer, Bevington would say that after several hours, he could “sense and feel that God was reducing him,” and when that began to happen, he knew that he was making headway.

Remarkable Miracles

Bevington’s prayer time extended hours and then a full day. He stayed in that log the whole time, never bevihgton to eat or attend to other bodily needs. Somehow, supernaturally, he did not need to do so.

He prayed into the second day and then the third. And then God began to move. Bevington felt himself growing smaller and smaller and God growing bigger bigger. He began to feel that God was reducing Bevington’s “self” and replacing it in his soul with the glory and majesty of Christ Himself.

He said bevingtoh at such times, he was almost afraid to breath–lest he break the Devine connection. And then the answer began ebvington come.

As he lay in prayer, he began to see a picture of the whole event when the girl was attacked. He saw the location; he saw the trusting girl; he saw the devious boy; he saw it all. He saw it as one would see a picture. And then the burden lifted. To make a long story shorter, Bevington emerged from his “seminary,” and reported back to the elders.

They did bevingtln believe him and asked him to leave the community.

G. C. Bevington Remarkable Incidents and Modern Miracles by Prayer and Faith

You see, the evil event had happened near a community church and at a church event, and the elders did not want the church’s reputation sullied. So Bevington went to the family. Remember that the girl had never spoken to a soul about the matter–not even her Godly parents.


In fact, she refused to see anyone. But miraculously, the family and the girl accepted Bevington into the house. There, God poured out his love in such a marvelous way, in the girl’s heart especially, but also to the parents, that all broke down in abundant tears. The girl poured out the pain of her heart and God absorbed all that pain to bring total healing and freedom to her. We at Orphan Voice will have our monthly extended prayer time this Friday. Unfortunately, we have not attained to Bevington’s standing, but we can still pray.

Many of you sent in prayer requests last month and we will lift up those matters to God. We will also lift up any other prayer needs that you care to send orphanvoice swissmail. Sections of this page. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

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All because Bevington believed God. May God richly bless you. Sincerely in Christ, Orphan Voice.