Giles Tremlett, Madrid correspondent for The Guardian of London, begins “ Ghosts of Spain,” his affectionate, deeply informed tour of the. Ghosts of Spain has ratings and reviews. Roy said: It is still a Ghosts of Spain: Travels through Spain and its Silent Past by Giles Tremlett, 3. At this charged moment, Giles Tremlett embarked on a journey around Spain – and through Spanish history. Tremlett’s journey was also an attempt to make.

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How had women embraced feminism without men noticing?

Modern Spain is trying to forget the past. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. The ghosts of the past were everywhere.

He looks at the Spanish rejection of puritanical moralism, despite the influence of the Church; the way Spain became obsessed with anything modern; hiles way that Spanish children tend to be incredibly spoiled but how the same children grow into improbably polite teenagers.

This book, by the Madrid correspondent of the Guardian, gives a journalistic overview of a vast range of topics. It is clear that his book was written by someone who is very familiar with Spain, but who no longer lives there this may have been less evident in the first edition, which was written after he had just completed an 8-year assignment there.

All this takes place in a country where the emphasis has been resolute about looking forwards not backwards giless where there are ongoing separatist movements. Feb 24, Brad Dunn rated it really liked it.

I have never been to Spain. They sit and chat, for perhaps hours, sipping their drinks and occasionally snacking on tapas and raciones. The Colony Grace Karskens. So Giles Tremlett did well to keep me interested. You can do anything in NYC—anything except slow down. He’s still very much revered in the older gilse and still whispered about behind closed doors by those who still fear and mistrust the system.


Ghosts of Spain: Travels Through Spain and Its Silent Past: Giles Tremlett: Bloomsbury USA

I liked parts of this book more than others, but overall it was an interesting look at a society that has gone from semi-fascist dictatorship to liberal democracy in just a few years.

Why are the spanish so noisy? I’d like to ghostss this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle?

It is also a place which is struggling to come to terms with it’s ghosts. Does it remind you of a place where you can spend your holidays? Giles Tremlett does a decent job of detailing the complications and contradictions of modern Spain.

He goes to different parts of the country, conducts interviews ghsts uses this as the basis for telling us about the struggles of Spain. The cacophony of noise in Madrid, the necessity for having and using connections enchufe to get anything done that pervades all aspects of Spanish life, first-hand encounters with the health and educational systems through the birth and education of his child, a visit to the municipal jail in Seville conjugal visitsa brothel in Almeria — the mosaic of Spanish life that Tremlett constructs is detailed, colorful and vibrant.

Driving Over Lemons by Chris Stewart, But little did I know Spain has more layers to it besides being a place for fun and frolic. Tremlett skilfully transports the reader back and forth from the medieval fremlett and tragic events of Spain’s midth century, to its modern and sophisticated present.

Spxin of view Tips on technique 4: Oct 01, Roy Lotz rated it really liked it Shelves: I really makes me want to go back and visit specific regions of the country.

Ghosts of Spain: Travels Through Spain and Its Silent Past by Giles Tremlett

View all 7 comments. Some of the digressions are pretty odd and sound like recycled newspaper articles — what on earth is the piece about Spanish funeral parlours doing in a chapter ostensibly about women’s rights? Aug 27, Anna Hiller rated it liked it Shelves: He has the journalistic habit of letting others do his thinking for him, merely reporting their opinions.


How can a country wth so much history be rushing headlong into the future?

BUT his discussion of the Civil War and it’s impact on Spaniards today is very interesting as is the chapter on Flamenco music. Dec 10, Whitaker rated it really liked it. Without an umbrella here amusingly named paraguas s;ain, “for water” we were forced to take cover in a bar.

Why are spainsh kids so spoilt? If you have ever wondered why the Spanish civil war rarely get’s scrutinized to the same extent as others, ghists this book explains it by examining Spanish society from the recent past to the present; the Franco years to the explosion of repressed social and cultural development after his death that affected everything in the country, from its central government to the emergence of terrorist group ETA.

Ghosts of Spain: Travels Through Spain and Its Silent Past

The pregnant year-old had her skull smashed in and her womb ripped open with knives. By contrast, thevictims of the far right lay mouldering in unmarked graves, and only now, at sites such as Poyales del Hoyo, has Spain confronted its long-suppressed grief and collective guilt.

Lists with This Book. This book couldn’t decide if it wanted to be a history book, sociology report, memoir or political recap.

Guardian journalist Giles Tremlett travels through Spain trying to penetrate the wall of silence obscuring the darker sides of its past Spaniards are reputed to be amongst Europe’s most voluble people.