E DESIRE TO POST every G.I.R.M. version we can locate, in the cleanest Latin GIRM (Institutio Generalis Missalis Romani) — Roman. Roman Missal (Third Edition) of , compared to the General Comparison of GIRM translations for USA () and England and Wales (). At the beginning of August I said I would make available my side-by-side comparison of the provisional () English translation and the final.

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Sacerdos, ad altare, accipit patenam cum pane, eamque ambabus manibus aliquantulum elevatam super altare tenet, dicens secreto: Acolythi, lectores, aliique ministri laici albam vel aliam vestem in singulis regionibus a Conferentia Ggirm legitime probatam induere possunt.


With the concelebrants and the people he continues, saying the Domine, non sum dignus Lord, I am not worthy. Panis et vinum super altare a sacerdote deponuntur, comitantibus formulis statutis; sacerdos dona super altare collocata incensare potest, dein crucem et ipsum altare, ut oblatio Ecclesiae eiusque oratio sicut incensum in conspectum Dei ascendere significentur.

Sacerdos vero, tamquam praeses, nomine Ecclesiae gifm congregatae communitatis preces effundit, aliquando autem nomine dumtaxat suo, ut ministerium suum maiore cum animi attentione et pietate adimpleat. The Creed is to be sung gir, said by the priest together with the people on Sundays and solemnities. Ibidem, si adhibetur, incensum imponit et benedicit, et, profunde inclinatus, dicit: Gidm the prayer after Communion has been said, the deacon makes brief announcements to the people, if indeed any need to be made, unless the priest prefers to do this himself.

Gim qualibet Missae celebratione si adest diaconus, hic suo munere fungatur. Tunc sacerdos altare de more osculo veneratur, et facta illi cum ministris laicis profunda inclinatione, cum eis recedit.

Are The Faithful and Everyone not important enough?

The English GIRM 2002 and 2011 Side-by-side

Most Reverend Wilton D. Sacerdos proinde, in ordinanda Missa, ad commune bonum spirituale populi Dei, potius quam ad suam propensionem attendet. In celebratione Missae cum populo, lectiones semper ex ambone proferuntur.

Post monitionem diaconi vel, eo absente, unius e concelebrantibus: Ministri qui crucem processionalem vel cereos deferunt, loco genuflexionis inclinationem capitis faciunt. Moreover, this broader view allows us to see how the Holy Spirit endows the People of God with a marvelous fidelity in preserving the unalterable deposit of faith, even amid a very great variety of prayers and rites. Sacerdoti vero, qui celebrationi praeest, ius semper manet disponendi de his quae ipsi competunt.


Where there is a large number of priests, concelebration may take place even several times on the same day, wherever necessity or pastoral benefit suggest it.

Si ad introitum vel ad Communionem non habetur cantus, et antiphonae in Missali propositae a fidelibus non recitantur, tempore conveniente eas proferre potest cf. Every legitimate celebration of the Eucharist is directed by the Bishop, either in person or through priests who are his helpers. Then, standing at the chair or at the altar and facing the people the priest, with hands joined says, Oremus Let us pray ; then, with hands extended, he recites the prayer after Communion.

Celebratio Eucharistiae, in loco sacro, peragenda est super altare; extra locum sacrum vero, etiam super mensam convenientem, peragi potest, retentis semper tobalea et corporali, cruce et candelabris. He carries the chalice to the credence table and there he or a duly instituted acolyte purifies, wipes and arranges it in the usual way.

Salutatio altaris et populi congregati With hands extended, he then says gorm prayer together with the people. It is a praiseworthy practice for the parts that are to be said by all the gidm together and for which musical notation is provided in the Missal to be sung.

After doing these things, the priest goes to the chair.

Girrm are the orations: Consuetudo tamen personis quibusdam privatis sedes reservandi reprobanda est. Where it is indicated in the rubrics, the celebrant is permitted to adapt them somewhat in order that they respond to the understanding of those participating. When the Entrance chant is concluded, the priest stands at the chair and, together with the whole gathering, makes the Sign of the Cross.

Amen populi, confirmatur et concluditur.

Item super altare vel prope ipsum crux, cum effigie Christi crucifixi, habeatur, quae a populo congregato bene conspiciatur. In the absence also of other ministers, their proper parts may be entrusted to other suitable members of the faithful; otherwise, they are carried out by some of the concelebrants. Pro aliis ministris sedes ita collocentur, ut clare distinguantur a sedibus cleri et ipsi munus sibi concreditum facile implere possint.

Postquam sacerdos dixit orationem ad pacem et: From the Haec ergo dona Let your Spirit come upon to the Et supplices May all of us who share inclusive, all the concelebrants speak all the following together:. On the altar itself may be placed the Book of the Gospelsdistinct from the book of other readings, unless it is carried in the Entrance Procession.


The purpose of this chant is to open the celebration, foster the unity of those who have been gathered, introduce their thoughts to the mystery of the liturgical season or festivity, and accompany the procession of the priest and ministers. Natura vero et pulchritudo loci universaeque supellectilis pietatem foveant et sanctitatem mysteriorum quae celebrantur ostendant.

Ad doxologiam finalem Precis eucharisticae, stans ad latus sacerdotis, calicem elevatum tenet, dum sacerdos patenam cum hostia elevat, usquedum populus Amen acclamaverit. This seems a bit presumptuous. Ad ipsum signum pacis tradendae quod attinet, modus a Conferentiis Episcoporum, secundum ingenium et mores populorum, statuatur.

General Instruction of the Roman Missal

He may also carry out the preparation of the chalice at the credence table. When he was about to celebrate with his disciples the Passover meal in which he instituted the sacrifice of his Body and Blood, Christ the Lord gave instructions that a large, furnished upper room should be prepared Lk Lc 22, 18naturale et merum, idest extraneis substantiis non admixtum.

Ipse eam brevi monitione introducit, qua fideles ad orandum invitat, ipsamque oratione concludit. Apta ecclesiae eiusque adiunctorum dispositio, quae necessitatibus nostrae aetatis opportune respondeat, requirit ut non ea solummodo curentur quae ad sacras actiones celebrandas directius pertineant, sed ut ea quoque praevideantur, quae ad fidelium convenientem commoditatem tendunt, quaeque in locis ubi populus congregatur habitualiter praevideri solent.

There the deacon, with hands joined, greets the people, saying, Dominus vobiscum The Lord be with you.

All listen and at the end respond to the acclamation, as noted above no. Liturgia verbi ita celebranda est ut faveat meditationi, ideo plane vitanda est omnis forma festinationis quae recollectionem impediat. Deinde sacerdos, inclinatus, dicit: In addition, the candlesticks are placed on the altar or near it.

However, insofar as possible, he stands back slightly, behind the concelebrating priests standing around the principal celebrant.