Ace on the River by Barry Greenstein This is a truly unique book, and a great one . It astonished me to read some of the negative reviews on. Documents Similar To Ace On The River (Barry Greenstein).pdf. Kill Everyone. Uploaded by. Andrei Darie. Uploaded . So, Barry Greenstein gives me a copy of his new book “Ace on the River” and I read it by the pool during the World Series of Poker. Seemed.

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A pretty interesting read – not actually that much about specific poker strategies, but more an idea of what it’s like to be a poker pro and what you would be concerned about if you were one.

The unique you-make-the-call-play by play section will challenge the reader again and again. An Advanced Poker Guide’. They almost seem 3-D. Not a bad read, but a lot more philisophical than I expected or really wanted when I picked up a poker book to read. Known as the Robin Hood of Poker, Barry has donated nearly three million dollars of his tournament winnings to charity.

Jul 11, Richard Herbert rated it it was ok. Lewis leaving as Bengals coach, endorses Hue Cincinnati Bengals. It is also heavy in the sense that Greenstein attempts to link the poker life to the way life in general should be conducted. Greenstein donates his profit from tournament winnings to charities, earning him the nickname “the Robin Hood of poker”.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. An Advanced Poker Guide December 14 Learn how to read and understand some verbal poker tells with this free, 4-part poker tells course. Which QBs could be on the move in ? Greenstein puts you in his chair and gives you the blinds, thhe position and tendencies of the other players, your position, chip stacks and asks — what do you do? Ace on the River. Gotta toss it Don’t come here greensyein you’re looking to improve your poker game. If this is a mistake and you’re not on my list, signup here Share this: His stepson, Joe Sebokwith irver he started PokerRoad, which is a poker strategy and entertainment website, is also a professional poker player.


Here, Greenstein provides two wonderful sections that allow you to evaluate honestly whether you’re fit to endure and prosper in this killer way of life. With chapters that detail the poker world, philosophy, managing your life greenstein your money, Greenstein is not trying to get more people under the tent.

Barry Greenstein – Ace on the River: An Advanced Poker Guide

After reading it, Barry’s definitely my favorite! Nowhere does Barry promise this. I personally love the book for its other qualities and would recommend it to anyone who loves poker. It includes an introduction by Doyle Brunson riverr glossy photos of many different poker rooms. They can supply you with information about good games. From choosing what limits to play to keeping your sexlife on track in the chapter ‘Poker and Sexuality’.

It’s bad business to destroy people.

Although the book does include some game situations that are being described and analysed, ‘Ace on the River’ is not a strategy book per se. Books by Barry Greenstein. It is printed on glossy photo-stock paper that greendtein it so heavy that reading in bed as I am want to do is difficult.

Review of Barry Greenstein’s “Ace on the River”

It’s a quick read, and not bad for review if you’ve read other poker books, but overall this one doesn’t break any new ground or cover material that can’t be found elsewhere.

As an added bonus, the book has lots of great color pictures of actual casinos and poker rooms. Ace on the River: His contribution ends up being so long that, when rjver it over to Brunson, Barry asked which parts needed greensfein be crossed out. In his book, Barry describes a Hold’em situation in which a player has the winning hand on the turn, but there is no possible river card that will see him win the hand.

This is a fascinating book and Barry is a great poker player.

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Review of Barry Greenstein’s “Ace on the River”

Barry, however, chose the easy way out and ended up winning the heads-up. Retrieved from ” https: To help make this website better, to improve and personalize your experience and for advertising purposes, are you happy to accept cookies and other technologies?

Greenstein dedicates his “Advanced Poker Guide” to the children of gamblers, who might not have gotten the quality time with their parents that they wanted, and he apologizes to his children by name “for when I have failed as a parent.

Still I admire the idea that a “proper” approach to life and poker a “balanced” approach? But for all his insight into the mental makeup of a good poker player, I don’t think he’ll succeed in separating the riff from the raff. If, however, you are looking purely for another strategy book, then it’s probably not the ideal book for you.

Sep 14, Jay rated it liked it. It’s entirely possible that many serious poker players need to read a book that tells them to be a decent human being. Open Preview See a Problem?

If you give them your number, they can contact you when a live one is playing or, more importantly, when he is planning to play. Greenstein tried to give a detailed description of everything that has to do with poker, and he did a great job.

Articles Reviews Book Reviews. The pros use jargon and experience-based references so much that you will have to read this sort of book over again from time to time if you want to understand much of it.

Nice book, full pn poker truth and life tales. As far as poker books go, this one is a reasonable introduction and survey into the poker lifestyle.