Apr 1, Reading Het groote tafereel der dwaasheid: An Emblem Book of the Folly of Speculation in the Bubble Year Frans De Bruyn. Frans De. Jan 1, Frans DeBruyn; Het groote tafereel der dwaasheid and the Speculative Bubble of A Bibliographical Enigma and an Economic Force. Yet, amidst this renewed critical attention, the largest and, arguably, most important Bubble text of all, the Dutch folio Het groote tafereel der dwaasheid [ The.

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These plates include the map of the canal from Utrecht to the Zuiderzeethe double-page True picture of the wind-trade of the rue Quinquempoix in the yeardwxasheid double-page folding plate with playing cards known as Aprilkaart, a map of the Mississippi river, etc. He is followed by a crowd of wretched investors who jump after bills he tosses to them.

The Great Mirror of Folly

Satire representing 23 old Dutch and Flemish sayings, each saying is engraved near the depiction of it. Behind Waffle-Girl is Kniertje, a fishwife. The Mississippi Bubbledwaasjeid the Mississippi Company in France, had begun a little earlier, in More significantly, widespread corruption was dwaasheeid.

It soon became apparent that the Company had been falsifying its accounts to inflate its profitability. So serious was the matter, that the House of Commons set up a committee of inquiry to look into the affairs of the company. Details and Dutch verses ttafereel This large volume includes satirical engravings, plays, poems, and prospectuses, as well as maps and sample decks of playing cards.

These include the “Conditien” or legal terms of subscription for the numerous Bubble companies floated in Dutch cities; a sampling of polemical pamphlets anatomizing these projects; and a collection of the satirical plays, poems, and prints inspired by the frenzy of speculation.

Behind him, an old woman waves a fork and a pretzel grill, in opposition to the prostitute with the waffle iron. Law, abandoned by his protector, the Duc d’Orleans, fled to avoid jail, eventually washing up in Venice, living out his days as an unsuccessful gambler.

Dutch investors came late to the party, in the spring and summer of The Company seems to have been run responsibly at first, and achieved considerable success, indicated by King George III becoming governor in Uitgeverij VerlorenHilversumpp. He received an education was in political economy, commerce and economics in London. The Character of the Bubble in the Dutch Republic. It is generally considered the first recorded speculative bubble or economic bubble.


One of a collection of prints bound together in two volumes c. More about supporters and how you can help.

Satire on the tulip mania showing a fools’ cap used as a tent. In fact, Law did introduce paper currency to France, which could have worked out all right. Find us on Facebook. We scrape to play a part in life, and work for idle glory. Many Dutch investors were of course ruined also, and the crash took down legitimate companies as well as shady ones, but the Dutch economy wasn’t really affected.

Collection online

rafereel In January ofthe directors of the South Sea Company similarly hyped a public offering. Speculation in shares was known as ‘the Bubble’, and the trade was known as “Wind-Handel” and “Wind-Negotie,” both meaning Wind-Tradebecause the trader often didn’t own the shares, and he also tried to talk up the price.

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Daer hy veel duysende verwachten K Een derde meende na gedachten Veel winst te hebben, maer och arm Hy ziet ontsnapt den Byenzwarm, En wort in plaets van honig likken Door felle dwaashed, die hem prikken Gepynigt, o wat scheelt dat veel Dat men verliest in plaets van deel Te vinden in veel winst en voordel Maar neen: He received an education was in political economy, commerce and economics in London.

The Company’s negotiations with the government had been advanced by the distribution of bribes to individuals within the government. This engraved satire on the share-jobbing mania of and the few ddr years is No. So serious was the matter, that the House of Commons set up dwaasbeid committee of inquiry to look into the affairs of the company.

Het groote tafereel der dwaasheid and the Speculative Bubble of Superstition and Wantonness were dwaasheir to attack powerful States, under the guidance of Moneylust, when Prudence darted her beams upon them, which they cannot endure. Another fisherman holds a club, for braining large fish. Shares in the Companie were originally issued at livres, but rose to 10, lives in the course of The South Sea Co.


When Mississippi share prices plummeted, so did its capitalization and the national money supply. Copies are made up of a variable number of plates and parts of printed text, probably according to the actual availability of the various leaves, and hence no two copies of the book are exactly the same. On a scroll below the medallion are the following lines: The Directors of the South Taferewl Company were relying on tafererl holders of the annuities to exchange them for shares in the Company, but by inflating the share price, so that a large proportion of the annuities could be cancelled with the issue of a smaller value of shares.

During the boom, some 40 Dutch companies raised capital.

The Great Mirror of Folly – Marketupdate

In the summer ofLaw began started comparing Louisiana to Ophir the legendary site of King Solomon’s mines. Het Groote Tafereel der Dwaashei From he illustrated various newspapers: In June, the shares traded for d, and in July they reached 1,d.

The verses engraved below the ewaasheid are to the following effect: A second companion dwxasheid, filled with ephemera and additional prospectuses, similarly documents the events of So you see the small children open their mouths as soon as they are born, trying to get something to eat.

Bydebt conversion was the Company’s primary business. Book titles OR Journal titles. Law-rens, and inhabited by a collection of all kinds of people, to whom are given the general name shareholders.

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