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No language can adequately describe my sensations on viewing this extraordinary change of object. Impprim length the conversation was systematically commenced on the part of Lysander.

From the bottom of mine, I congratulate you, Lysander, upon the resuming of your wonted spirits!

As I have thus awkwardly introduced myself, I may be permitted to observe, at the foot of this note, that all the large paper copies of my own humble lucubrations have 275 attended with imprik unexpectedly successful sale. The ingenious Peignot defines the bibliomania to be “a passion for possessing books; not so much to be instructed by them, as to gratify the eye by looking on them. Fugitive Pieces in Verse and Prose. Those who have relished the mild beauties of Wynants’ pictures would be pleased with the view from the Alcove of Lorenzo.

My father, you recollect, was a bookseller, and had long been in the habit of attending Walsall Market ; and opening a stall for the sale of his books during that day. Of such importance is the first edition Shakspeare considered, on the score of correctness, that a fac-simile reprint of it has been recently published. Yet I have surely not imorim or done any thing half so decisive in recommendation of it as did our great moralist, Dr. This extraordinary event soon spread abroad, and im;rim circulated in every bibliographical journal.

The number contains besides: Grave, and you may soon have a chance of gratifying your impeim in these strange particulars. Johnson himself might have sold for sixpencea Tusserwhich now would have brought a ‘ golden guinea? Douce, the Porson of old English and French Literature; and in the editions of Milton and Spenser, by my amiable and excellent friend Mr. Take two more illustrations, kind-hearted reader!

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Unquestionably, this knowledge is very requisite towards becoming a complete pupil in the school of Granger. The Sleep Walker, a Comedy: Next let us discuss the serious subject of the background! The title of the book was marked in gilt letters upon one side, and the words — of which the annexed wood-cut is a fac-simile — upon the other; surrounded with similar ornaments to the extremities of the sides, whether in folio or duodecimo.


The illustrated copy of Mr. Of the copper-plate portraits by Hogarth, the original of ‘ Sarah Malcolm, executed ,’ is among the very rarest; a copy of this selling for 7 l.

The perfume that arose from the flapping of her wings was inexpressibly grateful; and the soft silvery voices of these cherubic attendants had an effect truly enchanting.

For one ‘fine and rare’ printby Hollar, Faithorne, Elstracke, the Passes, Delaram, or White, how many truly precious and useful volumes may be collected? The Alcove at a distance, had the appearance of a rustic temple.

This is a useful and entertaining mode of illustrating a favourite author; and copies of works of this nature, when executed by skilful hands, should be deposited in public libraries; as many a biographical anecdote of eminent literary characters is preserved in consequence. Venerable philosophers, and veteran heroes, who had long reposed in unmolested dignity within the magnificent folio volumes which recorded their achievements, were instantly dragged forth from their peaceful abodes, to be inlaid by the side of some clumsy modern engraving, within an Illustrated Granger!

Cracherode which latter is now in the British Museum need not travel on the Continent for the sake of being convinced of their exquisite beauty and splendour. Ferriar appeared; after which, as you well know, our friend put forth his whimsical brochure.

He comes from a worthy stock; long known at our Alma Mater Oxoniensis: Isti per multos libros vagant legentes assidue: Treason — downright treason! In the year Let me therefore urge every sober and cautious collector not to be fascinated by the terms ” Curious and rare ;” which ‘in slim italics’ to copy Dr.

Thou wilt acknowledge that, compared with the triumph which such a mind enjoys, the conquests of heroes are puerile, and the splendour of monarchy is dim!

Second leaf, a plate of a head from the original wood-cut by Hans Holbein. A certain Bishop of London the late Beilby Porteus more than years after the death of the aforesaid Bonner, just as the clock of the gothic chapel had struck six, undertook to cut, with his own hand, a narrow walk through this thicket, which is since called the Monk’s walk.


Bibliomania, by Thomas Frognall Dibdin

Yes — gentle reader — I will even venture! It has also a considerable number of duplicate plates, where a superior impression could be procured at any expense. Proceed we now to the sixth: But I failed in every point: At a sale inthese detached pieces were sold for 2 l. I suppose the names you have just mentioned describe the principal booksellers at the several places you intend visiting. Illustration 27005 the order of the day; and Shakspeare and Clarendon became the next objects of its attack.

Beneath the title of ikprim book: It was during Grollier’s stay at Rome, that the anecdote, related by Egnatio, took place.

A copy of the work, which had been presented to the late Right Hon. It only means, Belinda, that this said shepherd was blockhead enough to keep gazing upon his beloved fair, imprrim every glance shot him through the heart, and killed him a hundred times.

Delusive yet fascinating objects of contemplation!

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Longman, Hurst, and Co. Grey’s Annotations, and Hogarth’s cuts ;2 vols. I saw the Life of Nelsonin two large quartos, printed in this manner; and it would have been the first work which I should have recommended a first-rate collector to have thrown out of his library.

By the Marchioness of Stafford. In any shape or condition, they are now rare. Walpole is very ready to oblige any curious persons with the sight of his house and collection; but as it is situated so near to London, and in so populous a neighbourhood, and as he refuses a ticket to nobody that sends for one, it is but reasonable that such persons as send should comply with the rules he has been obliged to lay down for shewing it: I have seen Mr.