Clavell is in top-notch form in this sequel to Tai-pan, the second novel in what will be the Gai-Jin. James Clavell, Author Delacorte Press $ (p) ISBN . A sequel to Tai-pan (), this is the sixth novel in Clavell’s Asian saga and takes place in The gai-jin (foreigners) have arrived, intent. The heir to the magnificent English trading company, the Noble House the direct descendant of the first Toranaga Shogun battling to usher his country.

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This time, Angelique is not drugged, but she yields gal tricks Ori into leaving afterwards instead of killing her, as she knew he intended.

Again complex and interesting characters, and a combination of politics, business, intrigues and personal stories. Dangerous, lots of blood, samurais, spies, prostitutes – another well crafted masterpiece.

Intricately interwoven into the story of the struggle for control of the Noble House is a powerful parallel story of the Land of the Gods, Japan, a country ripped apart by greed, idealism, and terrorism as groups of young xenophobic revolutionaries, ronin, attempt to seize the Shogunate and expel the hated gai-jin from Japan. The reason I loved Shogon so much was because Blackthorne was completely immersed in Japanese culture and had to learn his way through or die.

It picks up where Noble House left off and covers the same families and rivalries. The stories told were good, the characters enjoyable, even though some were good, some bad and most of them very cunning, just looking for personal advantage at every cost. My foray into pop lit has officially hit a wall.

Gai-Jin by James Clavell | : Books

This is a great achievement, though some may criticise Clavell for being amoral as gzi consequence. Even though little time passes and not much action takes place in the book, it captures the many strands of all the influences which caused Japan to reluctantly open to the world, frozen at almost a single moment in time.


I don’t have much tolerance for extra words. With laws against the use of the wheel in carriages or carts, the Japanese, their tradition- bound Emperor and competing warlords detest the foreigners, who have ruined the Chinese with the Opium Wars. Clavell has never managed to create characters as compelling as Dirk Struan and May-May in the novel Tai-pan. The government is weak, and ckavell are too many powerful, ambitious samurai who are ready to fill the jib vacuum.

I would have preferred to have a Shogun-esque story where the main character has to learn to acclimate to Chinese culture.

The foreigners are represented by the diplomats and the traders. Japanese Concubines – The ability of the sideways snatch to politically motivate white folks and change the course of history never ceases to amaze me i.

Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. Another character I liked a lot was Angelique, starting the book as the belle of the settlement, silly and young and care free, almost a child, forced to grow up fast by dire circumstances. But gi explains that to anybody. I found this very difficult to read for the first pages and really had to persevere – not entirely sure it was worth it in gxi end.

The British navy are actually in port protecting the business interests of the traders. Their passions mingle with monarchs and diplomats, assassins, courtesans and spies.

I always have trouble deciding when to stop. The building tension between the Japanese and the foreigners Clavell says he was “surprised” that the protagonist of the novel turned out to be Malcolm Struan’s wife Angelique instead of Malcolm. Tai-Pan in chronology of Asian Saga. He is recovering from his wounds and frustrated that he cannot be the man he once was.

Malcolm Struan, at twenty, is heir to the title of tai-pan of the most powerful and bitterly contested English trading company in the Orient, the Noble House.

I liked the fact that this book is big enough that there’s something that anyone will like.


James Clavell’s Gai-Jin : A Novel of Japan

The men are only interested in first position, commonly referred to as missionary style. One star when the stories centered on the European characters.

However, I couldn’t finish Gai-Jin despite starting to read it three times over the last 10 years. Perhaps if i had read Tai-Pan before reading this novel i would have enjoyed it more.

View all 5 comments. In my opinion, Shogun remains the best of the lot. People who read my books expect to be entertained, to be forced to turn the page, to learn something on route.

Ties were established through intermarriage and business. Where to bury [redacted] – pages for a burial scheme!?!?!??!

Gai-Jin – Wikipedia

I may just hate her because she’s French, in which case, I make no apologies. Nov 27, Honza rated it really liked it. Sadly the stories do not get tied up nicely and it leaves you wanting more.

The Westerners forced their way ashore with their ships and their cannons and their rifles. Clavepl, not at all, calligraphy nothing, sword-forging a little, politics, yes, but only as it affected trade, but an opportunity to sell something for a profit — anything, a ship or a canon or cup or knife or length of silk — brought instant results. Narrative method 2 – the omniscient narrator is reporting a conversation, then memory or not? It took me 15 jn to finish this book, but I don’t regret it.

While Malcolm slowly recovers from his wounds and falls in love with Angelique, she is raped by one of the Japanese samurai assassins, Ori Ryoma, as she lies sedated to treat her shock. I’ve seen reviewers to point out the book is too lengthy or that it lacks a main, central hero in the story and that’s why it’s not as good as the other Asian Ajmes stories.