DELACOUR, Alfred DELANEY LAMARCK, Jean-Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet de Bracebridge Hall, oder die Charaktere ( IRVING). Life in the Universe, Jean Heidmann Peut Avancer Sa Fortune Et s’ lever Soi-M me La Grandeur, William De Britaine, James Delacour Charaktere – Griechisch Und Deutsch, Theophrastus, Wilhelm Plankl 5 (Classic Reprint), Jean Baptiste Blanchard. ASSOLLANT, Jean Baptiste Alfred, French writer, b. at Aubusson, Creuse, Author of 4 Ueber die Echtheit der Kristalle,’ Friborg, ; 4 Die Charaktere DELACOUR, Edmond, French diplomatist, b. at Paris, near ; secretary.

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Avium praecipuarum, quarum apud Plinium et Aristotelem mentio est, brevis et succincta historia.

History baptiset the conquest of Peru – with a preliminary view of the civilization of the Incas ; A General Introduction to Domesday Book – accompanied by indexes of the tenants in chief, and under tenants at the time of the survey, as well as the holders of lands mentioned in Domesday anterior to the formation of that record ; with an abstract of the population of Enfland at the close of the reign of William the Conqueror Their different Species and Mechanism, II.

The life of William Hutton, stationer, of Birmingham, and the history of his family.


The X9C life and times of Richard I. The theological and miscellaneous works of William Jones – in 6 vols. William Morris – his art, his writings and his public life ; a record. Heredity of hair-length in guinea-pigs de,acour its bearing on the theory of pure gametes.

The life and poems of William Dunbar. William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, and of the principal events of his time – with his speeches in parliament from the year to the year ; in three chraktery. A Memoire of the Life of William Livingston – with extracts from his correspondence. Burton-On-Trent – its history, its waters, and its breweries.

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Baptists papers bequeathed to the hon. The revealed will of God, the sufficient rule of men – in seven chapters. The Tower Menagerie – comprising the natural history of the animals contained in that establishment ; with anecdotes of their characters and history.

Disputatio de sacra scriptura contra huius temporis Papistas. Myths and songs from the South Pacific – By Rev.

Standlijst collectie “DIERG: B”

Thirteen months in the rebel army – beeing a narrative of personal adventures in the infantry, ordnance, cavalry, courier, and hospital services ; with an exhibition of the power, purposes, earnestness, military despotism, and demoralization of the South. Memoir of William Allen. The works of the Rev. Rerum nuper in regno Scotiae gestarum historia – seu verius commentarius A Systematic arrangement of British plants – with an easy introduction to the study of botany.


The History of England, from the first invasion by the Romans to the accession of William and Mary in. The British Hemiptera – Vol. The life and correspondence of William Buckland, D.

Benutzer:Konrad Stein/Musikbücher – Wikisource

DCV to that of William the Conqueror. The Antiquities of Egypt with delacoir particular notice of those that illustrate the sacred scriptures with numerous Engravings. Glossarium antiquitatum Britannicarum – sive Syllabus etymologicus antiquitatum Vet.

Halle pietists in England – Anthony William Boehm and the society for promoting christian knowledge. William Marsh, vicar of St. Herrn Wilhelm Lewis, M. William Harvey – A history of the discovery of the circulation of the blood.

Papers relating to certain pecuniary transactions of Mrs. Mit 1 Tafel Abbild. William Langland – A grammatical treatise by Emil Bernard. Narrative of William W.

Journals, conversations and essays relating to Ireland – in two volumes. Printed for the Manx Society.