From the Gungthang province of Western Tibet, close to Nepal, Milarepa ( ) had a hard childhood and a dark youth. He was only seven when his. Jetsun Milarepa (). Famed yogi and patriarch of the Kagyu lineage. One of the most famous yogis and poets in Tibetan religious. Jetsun Milarepa. Why We Practice the Dharma · On Attachment · Manifestation of True Mind · A Departing Aspiration Prayer · Equality and Seven Things to.

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In this completely matured body, this physical form of mine, it is possible to reach Buddhahood. It must be obvious that you have these powers. Milarepa meditated for quite a while, but nothing happened—nothing at all. There was a festival coming up, a grand ritual celebration, and Dagmema had made some beer, actually very strong beer, which she gave to Marpa during the ceremonies.

The phrase can also mean the Dharma that appears like this, because the word for phenomenon and Dharma is the same in Tibetan. See all reviews of Tibet Travelers. Thus when Dagmema came to bring him his morning meal, they told each other of their dreams.

One of the most famous yogis and poets in Tibetan religious history. Why are you going out and plowing the fields? In response to Milarepa’s request for the Dharma, Marpa replied: It took him one day to return to his house, and milarepw he walked the whole night back with the goat on his shoulders and offered it to Marpa.

Marpa, being aware that Milarepa had first of all to mikarepa himself from the negative karma he had accumulated, exposed him to an extremely hard apprenticeship. He was a student milarrepa Marpa Lotsawaand a major figure in the history of the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism. By continuing, you consent to our cookies. At this point, he was totally miserable.


He berated them severely and they responded with anger, attacking and beating him. Write a Review Add Photo. When Naropa had finished giving him these teachings, Marpa emerged from the hut, and once outside he bowed again to Naropa.

The only way to free us from this is to attain Buddhahood in this lifetime. Learn more or change your settings. Sekhar Gutog monastery in Lhodrag near Uetsun. Milarepa was very happy to hear this: Don’t have any wrong views about Marpa. He also had many male and female disciples including Rechung Dorje Drakpa and Gampopa.

Jetsun Milarepa Quotes

Your sister and I are here in great suffering. Was it a hindrance or not? Are you going to kill me? Then come out swiftly to meet your teacher, for your minds are in harmony.

The vulture’s eyes looked upward into the sky, signifying that Milarepa had cut his ties to samsara and that in the future, he would not need to take physical birth. Naropa also gave Marpa many other teachings, including the Whispered Lineage of the Dakinis. Then one generates bodhicitta, the mind of awakening, practices and dedicates any virtue for the benefit of all sentient beings.

He then offered Marpa the copper pot with the four handles, saying: But stay here and I will take care of you.

I haven’t been able to practice the Dharma properly and certainly I’ll be born in the hell realms. I will lead you to where he is.

Jetsun Milarepa Biography

Not far from where Marpa lived there was some open land in the middle of a village. When Lama Ngokpa heard this from his students, he was extremely happy. There is nothing here for you, not even jetaun needle or a thread left to give you.

For other uses, see Milarepa disambiguation. You, on the other hand, are not as old as I. Milarepa accompanied him as an attendant, and on these rounds, they were often given food and drink. At this time of the season, the harvest was growing very well, and crops were flourishing. Flying around the vulture in the sky were many different kinds of birds.


If you remember, there was a piece of land that was owned communally and that the villagers had signed a piece of paper saying that they agreed that no one would build on this piece of land, but Marpa had not signed the document.

Get me some good beer. You must go ask for this.

Milarepa, fully Jetsun Milarepa | Great Thoughts Treasury

For lack of money, don’t be disappointed or discouraged. Milarepa lived during the socalled second dissemination of Buddhism in Tibet 10thth milarpawhen Buddhism was re-introduced. She said to him, “Practicing the Six Yogas of Naropa is very good. Milarepa went to the house and met Dagmema, who was delighted to see him.

He didn’t feel he could break down the wall himself, as he had taken a vow to be in retreat. Transgressors, like spoiled fat, ruin milarepw. In fact, enlightenment cannot be found by searching. He got quite drunk and she was able to take his seal and stamp the letter. Clinging to samsara deludes us. When Milarepa was seven years old, his father, Sherab Gyaltsen, became very sick. Since he could no longer carry things on his back, he carried them on his miladepa, but then sores also developed there, and so he carried things on his chest and sores developed there.