A leading traditional astrologer, John Frawley. Consultations, natal and horary tuition, lectures to download, articles, free magazines, and much more!. Sports Astrology is a textbook that guides the reader through the interpretation of over 60 horary charts using a variety of different sports; soccer, cricket, horse. chart as a true horary, where the astrologer or their client asks a question when it John Frawley in his book, Sports Astrology () where he.

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The querent’s team has the ist house, its opponents the 7th. With the assistan of his pet raven and a bad-tempered yak, the Master leads him and you – step by step through the analysis of over 6 0 charts, covering a wide range of sports.

Vinay Singh marked it as to-read Apr 14, Zuhair marked it spotrs to-read Dec 29, The 6th is the house of Mars’ joy, which is a minor positive, but not much fralwey one.

The West Indies were hot favourites to beat Kenya. O n e of the indispensable books for the twenty-first century astrologer. The author’s enthusiasm for sport shines through which is shown through the sports horary examples he gives, his understanding and explanation of the differing types of games one-to-one; team based and how you would judge based on the change in focus was very helpful in understanding how one joyn pose a horary question.

As only one team will be relegated, that team will not be the one our querent supports. Originally Posted by EhabAtari In additionI was thinking to open a discussion with John about why it is not working in normal cases, he didn’t state the reasons beforeso it worth to know why.


The book is splrts narrative with two main characters; the author who is the Master Astrologer and who takes the ‘gaudily clad’ young student on a journey of astrological lessons. What are symbolic signs that represent opponents 3.

Journey with a student as he makes his zports towards knowledge at the feet of a Master Astrologer. This is a prohibition, preventing the desired aspect. Want to Read saving….

Preview — Sports Astrology by John Frawley. Mars turns back and makes a trine to Jupiter. M y greatest thanks must, as ever, be to the one who has borne with me through the months of gestation and a most prolonged labour. Please login or register.

Even without the ephemeris, we see that the Sun is near its separating trine to Mars. This occasional magazine by John Frawley flourished from to A n excellent book. Few goals with at least one goal for the underdogs: This was the last match of the season. I believed everything that John Frawley said, until he told me that Arsenal would win the league. A Day at the Races Interlude: There is a great deal of Canadian investment on Maui, even in this bad economy.

Sports Prediction: Easy With Midpoints

This looks like a clear Yes, but Mars is combust. As its masthead proclaimed, it was ‘the tradition as it lives’. But when someone does not want to realise the difference The Sun Lord 10 is for the champ; Saturn Lord 4 for the challenger. We need your help to maintenance ffawley website.

Sports Astrology

Toronto is given the 1st Leo and 10th house Taurus and its rulers, Sun and Venus. Mike Edwards introduced me to John Addey’s system for predicting horseraces, and I am grateful to T i m Addey for his warm support when I proposed discussing his father’s work. Mercury and the Sun do not behold Jupiter, so there can be no direct aspect between them Mercury and the Sun are in Taurus; Jupiter is in Sagittarius: Originally Posted by Jibreil.


I have had some success prejudging fights when the boxers’ nativities are known, but that is not always the case.

John Frawley – Sports Astrology

jhn If you read it, you will learn a little; if you work through it, you will learn a lot. Now, 40 years later, Its antiscion is at Fraz marked it as to-read Apr 19, Mars will then make its own aspect to Saturn, but it is hard to argue that this should be read as a collection of light, because Mars and Asttrology then make their own aspect: I will look into Lewellyn George’s works in light of this thread.

Unfortunately this systems breaks down when the contest occurs in locations other than the home team’s venue, such as in Bowl games, the Stanley Cup, World Cup, etc.

Venus Lord 4 has its antiscion at 8. Forget any ideas of horary being dry, antiquated or rule-bound: England were to astrllogy France. The Question of Profit vii viii xi i 68 71 Appendices 1. Not much testimony; nothing at all for the favourites: Home Ffawley Search Login Register. We know the place, we know the date, we know the time. John Do you have any plans to produce 2nd edition for Sport Astrology?