Benefits of each of the sections of. Jawshan Kabeer. No. Benefit. No. Benefit. No. Benefit. 1. To overcome difficulties. To ask for more benefits. To build up. Dua Joshan Kabeer. ٰنِ. ْ. ِ الرَّْح. ه. بِسْمِّٰللا. ِ. ْ. الرَِِّْ. ہللا کے نام سے.) شروع کرتا ہوں. . جو ب. ڑا. مہربان نہایت رحم واال ہے. In The Name Of Allah, The. Beneficent, The. It has been mentioned in the book, Balad al-Amin and the Misbah of Kafa`mi that Imam `Ali ibn al-Husain Sayyid as-Sajjidin (prayers be upon him) related from.

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This page was last edited on 25 Octoberat According to the Holy Qur’an, when Prophet Jonah s was in the belly of the whale, he regretfully asked God for forgiveness. According to Qur’an Retrieved from ” https: Save us from the Fire! Shia prayers Salah terminology Islamic terminology Ramadan. Names of God are recited after the phrase. Naturally, therefore, jousham comes with requests.

Jawshan Kabir

God’s attribute of life is so important that sometimes it is mentioned right after His Oneness, as we read in Qur’an 2: When I love him, I will be his ear by which he hears, his eyes through which he sees, his tongue with which he speaks, and his hands with which he strikes. Then, he joushaan closer to Me through recommended acts until I love him.

Allah guides to His Light whomever He wishes. And Allah does not guide the wrongdoing lot”. This teaches us that, unlike what most people assume, dua is not restricted to asking God one’s requests; rather, dua is essentially calling God, even if one labeer not ask Him anything.

In addition, it is mentioned that whoever reads this supplication three times during the month of Ramadan, God will make the hellfire forbidden to him and will make it certain for him to enter Paradise.

Joushan Kabeer – Download | Install Android Apps | Cafe Bazaar

jlushan To Allah belong the east and the west: In section 47 of the dua, ten names of God have been mentioned, all of which are related to light.


I have indeed been among the wrongdoers! A same phrase is repeated at the end of each part.

Thus, it is very important to know which names of God, how many times, and when they should be called. Allah is indeed all-bounteous, all-knowing.

The context of the prayer was written by Ali ibn Husayn Zayn al-Abidin and came to him from his great grandfather Muhammad by word of mouth. Yet the faithless equate [others] with their Lord. The complete narration, including the merits of the recitation of this dua, is recorded by Allama Majlisi in his Bihar al-Anwar Majlisi This is why we read in Qur’an 2: When Nimrod wanted to kill Abraham a by throwing him in a huge fire, God saved Abraham a in the middle of the fire.

Supplication of the Thirtieth day of Ramadhan. Muhaddith Nuri, Husayn b. Human beings in order to survive, depend on other humans, animals, plants, etc. However, it suffices us to mention that, according to this narration, whoever writes down this dua on his kafan burial shroudGod will not lead him to the hellfire and whoever recites this dua with a pure intention in the beginning of the month of Ramadan, God will grant him success to witness the Night of Qadr and will create for him seventy thousand angels, all of whom will be busy praising and glorifying God.

This supplication has sections and each section contains 10 names of Allah Glory and Greatness be to Him and at the end of each section this line should be repeated: Our limited space does not allow us to quote the entire narration here.

Even when a murder takes place, the murderer is not the one who literally takes away the victim’s life; rather, his crime leads to the victim’s death only if God permits. The planner of light is the one who regulates everything about light. The dua consists of one hundred sections, each containing ten names or attributes of God. When your Lord said to the angels, “Indeed I am going to set a viceroy on the earth,” they said, “Will You set in it someone who will cause corruption in it, and shed blood, while we celebrate Your praise and proclaim Your sanctity?


When you call someone and he answers you, this is ijabat and if you, then, ask him something, whether he fulfils your request or not, he already has answered your call. All praise belongs to Allah, Lord of all the worlds. And in it are Your Greatest Name and Your best names. The most beloved thing to Me, through which a servant is able to get close to Me, is performing obligatory acts.

Light in Section 47 In section 47 of the dua, ten names of God have been mentioned, all of which are related to light.

The Importance of the Dua Joshan Kabeer

Ibn Tawus3: Dar al-Kutub al- Islamiyyah, Even those who remember God out of their love for Him, usually ask God what they need in their duas, because they do not want to miss this great opportunity. The Islamic prophet Mohammed used hard and heavy armor for protecting his body in the war.

In his beautiful introduction to this dua, the late Shaykh ‘Abbas Qummi writes.

Regarding this, Qur’an 2: Abbas Qumithe author of Mafatih al-Jananwrote the prayer in his book. Muslims often read the Jawshan kabir in Laylat al-Qadr in Ramadan but some Hadiths recommend reading it at the beginning of Ramadan. I turn to You through whatever is in the Holy Qur’an. They said, “Burn him, and help your gods, if you are to do anything! According to the first attribute in this section, God is the light of lights and every light comes from Him.