Koza Nostra. likes · 3 talking about this. Koza Nostra je je rezultat moje zelje, da bogatstvo iz prirode bude dostupno svakome. Liofilizovana. “Our Thing” or “This Thing Of Ours”. The real name for the Mafia. Cosa Nostra is a crime sydicate that began in Sicily in the mid nineteenth century. A “Made. English[edit]. Etymology[edit]. Italian: Cosa Nostra (feminine noun phrase, literally “Our Thing”). Pronunciation[edit]. (Italian) IPA: /; (US) IPA.

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Koza nostra – Wikipedia

They use their fearsome reputation for violence to deter people from swindling, robbing, or competing with those who pay them for protection. Even the origin of the word ‘mafia’ remains obscure. A mafioso in these regions could protect multiple small estates at once, which gave him great independence and leverage to charge high prices.

Inmafioso informant Tommaso Buscetta explained to prosecutors the command structure of a typical clan. Archived from the original PDF on March 4, A full member also gains more freedom noxtra participate in certain rackets which the Mafia controls particularly protection racketeering. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This is not a glamorization i.

For other criminal organisations originating in Italy, see Organized crime in Italy.

Organized crime in Italy – Wikipedia

But if you’re into hearing names and when they got offed, you’re in for a dandy read. As Brusca juggled the burning image in his hands, Riina said to him: A History of the Sicilian Mafia on your Kindle in under a minute.

He saw the Mafia as an “industry of violence” and described the designation of the term “mafia”:. Each province of Sicily has its own Commission.

The most lucrative racket of the s was cigarette smuggling. Historically accurate, as far as I know, with, at times, subtle sarcastic remarks that ease the tension that naturally comes from such topic. Retrieved 23 December Though less well-known, the Neapolitan Camorra, Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta, and offshoots of both these groups have also operated or set down roots in foreign countries, including the United StatesCanadaAustraliaBrazilArgentinaNew ZealandGermanyand the United Kingdom.


This collaboration were mostly important during the French Connection era.

Inmafia boss Cesare Manzella organized a drug shipment to America with nostr help of two Sicilian clans, the Grecos and the La Barberas. Afterthe feudal barons steadily sold off or rented their lands to private citizens.

The Sicilian adjective mafiusu in Italian: The Commission forbids relatives from holding positions in inter-clan bodies at the same time. The most notorious attack was the Portella della Ginestra massacrewhen 11 people were killed and 33 wounded during May Day celebrations onstra May 1, nosttra Again the Kindle Edition sadly departs from the printed edition: Retrieved January 31, Salvatore Limaa close political ally of the Mafia, was murdered for failing to reverse the convictions as promised.

A major function of the Commission is to regulate the use of violence.

Cosa Nostra

Through reputation, mafiosi deter their enemies and enemies of their clients. Mafiosi sometimes protect businesspeople from competitors by threatening their competitors with violence.

The organization kozq looked to enlarge its membership by absorbing local thugs and criminals picciotti who were at the margins of organized crime to gain more power and credibility in the Italian underworld.

The penalty for transgression is death, and relatives of the turncoat may also be murdered. Certain types of crimes are forbidden by Cosa Nostraeither by members or freelance criminals within their domains.

Koaz is no strict age limit; boys as young as sixteen have been initiated. Borsellino and five bodyguards were killed outside the apartment of Borsellino’s mother when a car packed with explosives was detonated by remote control as the judge approached the front door of his mother’s apartment. Articles with Italian-language external links Articles needing additional references from October All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from October Explore the Home Gift Guide.

This leaves little public confusion as to who is and isn’t protected, so thieves and other predators will be deterred from attacking a protected client and prey only on the unprotected. The Mafia or Sicilian Mafia notably expanded into some foreign countries, especially the United Stateswhere Sicilian mafiosi eventually joined together with Neapolitan criminal groups in the US and nostga Italian-American and Italian immigrant criminal groups to form the modern Italian-American Mafia or simply the “American” Mafia.


With the decreasing importance of the Adriatic corridor as a smuggling route thanks to the normalization of the Balkans area and a series of successful police and judicial operations against it in recent years, the Sacra Corona Unita has been considered, if not actually defeated, to be reduced to a fraction of its former power, which peaked around the notsra. But Dickie demonstrates definitively that the centuries-old mafia has never been more than an illegal business and shadow state pursuing ‘power and money by cultivating the art of killing people.

In reference to a man, mafiusu in 19th century Sicily was ambiguous, signifying a bully, arrogant but also fearless, enterprising and proud, according to scholar Diego Gambetta. If two businesspeople are competing for a government contract, the protected can ask their mafioso friends to bully their rival out of the bidding process.

Organized crime in Italy

Each decina is led by a capodecina. Showing of 61 reviews. Noxtra incidents provoked national outrage and a crackdown in which nearly 2, arrests were made. For instance, a mafioso will not call the police when he is a victim of a crime. Mafiosi rarely directly involve themselves in smuggling operations.

Senate Committee on Government Operations in known kkza the Valachi hearings. As the original “Mafia”, the Sicilian Mafia is the basis for the current colloquial usage of the term ” mafia ” to refer to organized crime groups.