Laguna de Chautengo. km southeast of Acapulco lies between the sea and a natural sandbank. Boats can be hired to explore the mangrove swamps. Las peñas, Laguna Chautengo Author: nucita. Photos are copyrighted by their owners. Laguna de Chautengo Laguna de Chautengo Author: Leobardo Espíritu . Laguna Chautengo is a lagoon and is nearby to El Llano and Llano de la Barra. Laguna Chautengo from Mapcarta, the free map.

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Once the plant has been established in the field, it will be necessary to periodically monitor its development in order to prevent, and even solve, some of the following problems: In order to carry out the reforestation actions, it is proposed to create a temporary employment program for local inhabitants, in which labor training will be given to the volunteers obtained from the “Information Forum of importance and ecological and social strategies for the Laguna de Chautengo “.

Mangrove forests are one of the most productive ecosystems in the world, generating high biomass productivity that they export to neighboring ecosystems such as sea grasses and coral reefs and offer a huge amount of ecosystem services, however, these forests are one of the more threatened by the intensive use of its wood, mining and construction for tourism purposes.

A survey will be applied to the three groups, whose objective will be to measure the impact of the program in which the social conception of the mangrove and the body of water will be investigated, the culture that shelters it and the opinion of the population regarding the current situation thereof.

The ecological actions will begin with an environmental evaluation led by the interdisciplinary group of experts members and collaborators of Tlali AC. Demonstration of a nwe techonology for restoration of red mangrove Rhizophora mangle in high-energy environments. The authorities of the primary and secondary educational institutions will provide a safe space where the students feel comfortable to recive the environmental education course, planting techniques and seedling monitoring.


Advances in Marine Biology The temporary employment program will be divided into: Photos provided by Panoramio are under the copyright of their owners. Various rivers here form large estuaries and lagoons that host various species of commercial fish.

Local time in Chautengo is now About Contests Community Search. The target population is divided into three groups:. Small farms resilience to climate chang https: In the long term, with the monitoring and appropriate constancy, the biogeochemical cycles that regulate the energy flow of matter in the system will be stabilized. Towards adaptation in Costa Rica. The temperature will be regulated and the mangrove will absorb a large amount of CO2 that will help reverse the impacts of global warming, and the aesthetic value will increase considerably, motivating tourists to leave an economic spill in the place.

Information of geographic nature is based on public data provided by geonames. Mangrove conservation through ambiental education applied to the childhood. To supply healthy and vigorous plants that our reforestation and maintenance campaigns require, we will rely on the management and installation of a community nursery garden with an annual capacity of thirty thousand red chauteengo plants Rhizophora mangle with high quality standards, and thus achieve sustainability as plant inputs for reforestation.

They serve as a link with other community actors such as parents and local volunteers. The photo ” Laguna de Chautengo ” was uploaded by user Leobardo E. The children’s sector will have the opportunities to know latuna be part of the reforestation processes, it will be a generation marked by leadership and decision chautenog. Biology of Mangroves and Mangrove Ecosystems.

The photo ” chautengo ” was uploaded by user omar westo. It is not foreseeable that the new societies of the future will squander the high energetic value of their new laguuna, and the predictable thing is that they are socially nutritious from an early age.

The children’s sector will now be the generation that will have decisions firmly aimed at sustainable development, will be characterized by transmitting to its descendants knowledge in conservation and exploitation. Marine Technology Society Journal 43 1: Marine Freshwater Research The lagoon its provided by Nexpa and Copala rivers, which belongs to Florencio Villareal and Copala townships.


PHOTOS OF CHAUTENGO (Florencio Villarreal, Guerrero)

Depressions flooded in the internal margins of the continental border, which surround terrigenous surfaces in their internal margins with mangrove vegetation to which they protect from the sea sandy barriers produced by currents and waves. The townships in which we will work have a total population of 34, inhabitants, making an average between both townships we have that The actions of environmental evaluation will be supported by the epistemic scheme proposed by the Chilean Carlos Matus named “Situational strategic planning”, a tool for environmental planning processes.

The photo ” Ayuntamiento Municipal 2 ” was uploaded by user maximo Wikipedia Article Located at In they propose an cautengo reforestation challenge, however, their registration is incomplete. The photo ” iglesia en chautengo ” was uploaded by user maximo Encouraging children’s participation in the processes of environmental restoration is essential if the future success of environmental programs is chauhengo to be guaranteed.

Laguna de Chautengo

Role of mangrove habitat as a nursery for juvenile Spiny lobster, Panulirus argusin Belize. The age of the formation of the barrier dates from the establishment of the current water level, within the last 5, years. The understanding of reality in the form of socio-ecological systems strengthens the relationship between society and nature.

The key players that will drive the success of this program are the professional team of Tlali A. For this stage, a large number of animals originating from the lagoon will have returned, which are of latuna and economic importance.

The photo ” Bandera Mexicana en Cruz Grande ” was uploaded by user maximo Cleaning and preparation of the work area: Enter your email or screen name to request a new password.