Does the points cost for UM Terminus Ultra already include it’s weapons all those lascannons to a normal Land Raider would theoretically be. UNIT: 1 Terminus Ultra pattern Land Raider. WEAPON RANGE STR AP SPECIAL Lascannon 48″ 9 2 Heavy 1. TYPE: Tank. ARMOUR SPECIAL RULES. The Land Raider Terminus Ultra is a rare configuration of the standard Land Raider given over to power generation and regulation, the Terminus Ultra can still.

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Rory Priest July 7, at 8: Kind of a reverse Wrath of Mjalnar if you count the twin-linked Helfrost cannon as a reverse flamer. Still, these dauntless war engines have now served for ten thousand years and each has built a legend every bit as magnificent as those possessed by the greatest Imperial champions. Predator Annihilator 3x – With the Captain and Lieutenant, you will increase your damage output to near the levels of the Terminus Ultra.

Whilst the U,tra are pretty standards, the introduction of not one but two Helfrost Cannons makes it a pretty special looking Land Raider. Beam spam and Shoop Da whoop indeed. Oddly, the placement of sponson mounted guns on the Mark series tank was a feature implemented so the tanks could fire into enemy trenches more easily while also keeping them from becoming too tall and unstable; after the war, that design was scrapped in favor of rotating turrets that gave an entire degree firing arc cannons on a Ulrra tank could only be pointed at things in front of them or to the side, they could not aim behind it.

Given that the cost of stapling all those lascannons to a normal Land Raider would theoretically be pts labd, 3x twin lascannon2x single lascannon 50 I’d trrminus the cost of the Terminus Ultra does include the lascannons, and you’re getting a 39pt discount for losing transport capacity and gaining Power Overload.


Daemon Engines teeminus Tzeentch: Cultists – Pestigors – Plague Zombie – Poxwalkers.

Fortress Erioch: Land Raider Terminus Ultra – Tactics and Comparisons

I dont think its a named tank and certainly not unique. Death to the False Emperor! While it’s never gotten a model, the existence of ultrs Land Raider even larger than a Spartan Assault Tank fitted with anti-gravitic plates that allowed it to function as a skimmer has been mentioned in the Horus Heresy novels. Posted by Spot1cus at 5: I will be magnetizing these back on because they break very easily. However, keep your Land Raider away from dedicated anti-heavy ultea Railguns, meltaor you will very quickly feel the pain of losing all those points.

Chances of malfunctioning and raiver There is even another version that the origins of ‘Prometheus’ where in fact founded by the Landites – followers of the famous Arkhan Land.

Terminus Ultra rules – Forum – DakkaDakka

This vehicle was so effective that it spread, to some of the other Marine chapters, including the Grey Knightswho were given a few for helping the Templars out once, and eventually even got official recognition from Mars.

AV14 all around makes it a tough nut to crack without dedicated anti-armor weapons, and the Land Eaider still is likely to survive the opening salvo, especially if it has extra armor. No adverts like this in the forums yerminus.

Now if only Chaos had them so we could toss on a Havoc Launcher and make it possessed. Fantasy Flight brings the goods!

Daemon Engines of Nurgle: In extreme circumstances these amazing war engines have even been teleported directly onto the battlefield, through the use of ancient Godstrike-pattern teleportariums.

This subreddit for anything and everything related to Warhammer 40k Rules Be respectful DO NOT post point values for weapons and upgrades in your army lists, only the total point value of the unit. On first look, I thought it was all tanks. It also has the option of taking an anti-air Hyperios launcher, just in case you just want to equally pepper the skies in flak and falling plane bits hitting the ground at full speed.


Its weapon loadout is unknown, but it is said to have been open-topped, uplink-modified, and capable of carrying Dreadnoughts into battle.

I was looking in the profile! Making it even better, the Crusader holds more men and has Frag Assault Launchers, ensuring that the disembarking troops gain the benefits of Frag Grenades which Terminators normally lack.

They will be bright stars in the firmament of battle. For the rulees viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. But now, it gets the Scout rule, it can screw with enemy reserves rolling or buff your own rolls, it can get the Achilles’ anti-melta armor but not the anti-Lanceand no Infiltrators can get within 24″ of it.

Because of course the Furries need another special vehicle to suit their special ultrz needs.

It would have been broken if it wasn’t so damned expensive raidwr an already expensive army. Fielding one may inspire fury. I will show off one in play to demonstrate how it does at some point in the future. Being in the vehicle armoury doesn’t make them upgrades.

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Land Raider Terminus Ultra

You would likely have a Captain and a Lieutenant hard to spell anyway, just keep the Terminus Ultra with them. Of course they were discarded by the community in short order. What would you take if you had the options? Forum Tools Forum Tools Search.