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The official uniform leanr blue, sometimes with red or yellow piping, consisting of trousers and a cross-front jacket with a belt around the waist. Other weapons lie in a large heap in one corner: All we need is a little support from the centre—a child needs to be patted on the back by its own parents before an outsider can appreciate it.

Kolhapur used to be the centre of the Maratha kingdom and the villages around it had talims training centres where skilled elders prepared youngsters for war. Kumaravel, actor, scriptwriter and founder of theatre-group Magic Lantern.

It owes its development to the geographic conditions of the state hills, caves and valleys. However, the good news is that some citizens and organisations are trying to resurrect Indian martial arts by teaching them to young Indians. There is also a theory that the famous Shaolin style of martial sulambam may have been derived from Indian stick-fighting. Silambam was such a powerful martial art that it was employed in warfare by most rulers of south India, adds Murugesan.

Watch a class in progress and you will understand why. Fri, Apr 15 Like boxing, both the combatants need to weigh approximately the same and are generally in the same age group and learj.

However, it is only recently that the martial art has entered the arena of competitive sport. Originally from Maharashtra, Mardani Khel is a weapon-based martial art form. Have something to share?


In the Tamil film Padagottithe legendary M. Anwar Ibrahim Kotak misses deadline to cut stake Regulating the disrupters: There are kearn referees with counters to register the points, one umpire on the mat with a stick to conduct the combat and a timekeeper.

I hold out a hand. He sniffs it, and then, thankfully enough, deciding I pass muster, wags his tail and allows me to pat his head.

8 Indian Martial Art Forms and Where You Can Learn Them

Sat, Apr 16 Its other aspect is Sarit Sarak that involves unarmed combat. Today, there are several organizations at the state, national and international levels regulating the sport, and the World Silambam Federation, founded on 17 August is one of them. Star-crossed love, betrayal eilambam drama aside, one of the most riveting spectacles in this movie is the sight of MGR wielding the kambu. This martial art form integrates various external weapons — the sword, spear and dagger- with the internal practice of physical control through soft movements coordinated with breathing rhythms.

The big black dog raises his head and looks suspiciously at me as I walk into an early morning silambam class being conducted at the YMCA grounds in Nandanam, Chennai.

Pandian comes from the si,ambam teaching lineage as the man who taught MGR the art. Yet, it was still practised in secret.


Silambam: A moving meditation – Livemint

After the revolt ofthe British banned the use of weapons and the talims were forced to turn mardani khel into a folk game to ensure its survival. Silambam is an ancient martial art of Tamil Nadu.

According to the book Cinasthana Today: During a tournament, the proximal and distal edges of the stick are covered with a red or kearn foam roll: This lack of standardization of the sport is silamgam reason why it lags behind when compared to other martial art systems such as karate or tae kwon do.

Once a sport that used to hold great importance in Indian society, at present, Kushti is only practiced in a handful places around India.

Ancient but Deadly: 8 Indian Martial Art Forms and Where You Can Learn Them

While vadakkan kalari is believed to have come directly from the mythical figure Parashurama, thekkan kalari, like silambam, is traditionally traced back to the sage Agastya.

It has lately emerged in a new avatar as a source of inspiration for self-expression llearn contemporary dance forms, theatre, fitness techniques and movies too! Thang-Tha Federation of India. The sword is paired with a shield bargula measuring inches in diameter, also covered in leather.