LENOVO products, data, computer software, and services have been developed .. RoHS compliant ThinkServer RD parts have unique FRU part numbers. For testing, the company sent the CRN Test Center a Lenovo ThinkServer RD , a 2U, two-socket server with a pair of quad-core Xeon E Part Number: LENOVO RD Condition: Used Availability: In Stock Qty in Stock: (as of 10/20/ AM P.D.T.) Ships From: Los Angeles.

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As Virtualization Server, Lenovo’s RD240 Fits The Bill

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And its transaction processing and throughput performance, as measured with IOmeter, were also impressive.

Results are pulled off on a nightly basis and stored on our on-site backup system for safe keeping. Storage Controller 2nd Controller Interface Type. Option cards can be installed and affixed to the assembly in the comfort of anywhere that’s not the server room and then re-installed into the server. That’s the lowest price to date on this powerhouse portable. As you can see, they can be easily installed or removed with their protruding handles.

Space in the hot-swap bays is quite tight; drives don’t slide in and out as easily as on most other systems we’ve seen.

More great game deals and the last upright cleaner you’ll ever need. The only other powered storage device present was a slim optical drive for gd240 software. When you open up the RD, you will notice that there are four system fans to keep system thermals in check.

The RD is a 2U rack-mountable server that is designed for larger business tasks; however, its price is targeted for small and medium businesses SMBs making it a smart choice for businesses looking for low cost lenoco but want to maintain high levels of data protection at the same time.


By transitioning to this new platform we no longer tie up our consumer testing rig longer enterprise tests and we can now start rolling out more meaningful tests in the enterprise market. Copyright The Channel Company, All rights reserved. However, don’t worry about it yet. Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet.

StorageReview Enterprise Testing Environment: Lenovo ThinkServer RD240 Review

Front Accessible Bays Qty. Memory Max Supported Size. Relatively speaking, the metal chassis of the Lenovo ThinkServer RD is fairly sturdy and rugged weighing quite a bit once you have it stocked ldnovo of hard drives and equipment. In our Enterprise Testing Environment, we interface through our ThinkServer RD over remote desktop with the system quietly humming away in our lab.

A single captive thumbscrew is all that holds the top cover in place, and once removed reveals a flip-up cooling shroud that streams air across its two large heat sinks and eight DIMM slots.

This freed up space that would have been otherwise used by the SSD in one of the eight hot-swap bays and didn’t lock us in to a particular RAID card for day-to-day activites. StorageReview understands that companies want hardware they send out for review tested in the same environment they are positioning it for and to that end we have deployed a pair of Lenovo ThinkServer RD’s for enterprise reviews.

We reviewed a lot of laptops in Lenovo includes rails for rack mounting, for which the RD takes up a standard lejovo height once installed. Physical Characteristics Form Factor. To the far right, you will find three PCI Express expansion slots.


At the end of the day the reason to divide testing platforms was obvious; each type of review had different testing and hardware requirements and we wanted the best of both worlds. Laptops by Justin Jaffe Dec 17, On the front panel, you will find eight drive bays, which are fairly easy to access and install; there are four on the left and the optical drive is grouped with the four remaining bays on the right.

Lenovo ThinkServer RD – Best Price Available Online – Save Now

Graphics Controller Form Factor. But a clever design allows the riser card and its assembly to be removed with a pair of captive thumbscrews. Testing enterprise hardware and software requires an evaluation platform beyond consumer desktops. Tintri releases TGC 4. The system’s three PCI Express x8 slots are delivered via a riser card, which can sometimes be tricky to work with, particularly in the cramped quarters of a server room that are often poorly lit.

Laptops by Justin Jaffe Dec 19, In the age of virtualization, servers are becoming the hot topic as companies attempt to save money by consolidating physical resources by employing virtual ones.

Average power consumption was about watts when highly active; watts when mostly idle and 26 watts when powered down. Consumer hardware is far underpowered compared to most servers, and the enterprise environment generally lags behind consumer chipsets for with longer validation cycles, meaning that test results won’t align not to mention software rd204 are different.