Manuals and User Guides for Lenovo IdeaPad S We have 2 Lenovo IdeaPad S12 manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual, Upgrade Manual. LENOVO products, data, computer software, and services have been developed exclusively at private . This manual contains service and reference information for ThinkCentre® Institute (ANSI) S and ISO and are reported. Manuals and user guide free PDF downloads for Lenovo IdeaPad S

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S12 User Guide V1. If you are usingother Windows operating system, some operations may be slightly different. Respective UsersDear user,Thanks for purchasing Lenovo notebook! Before using this product,please make sure to read this User Guide carefully. We are most honored to have you as our customer. In order to make sureyou master the usage of Lenovo notebook soon, we have prepared thisUser Guide for you. This manual has been made very simple andcomprehensive.

In this manual, you can get information on the systemconfiguration, installation steps and the basic operating systems. Explanation of hard disk capacityDear user,While using your computer, you may find that the nominal hard diskcapacity indicated is somewhat different from the disk capacitydisplayed by the operating system. For example, a nominal 40GB harddisk will appear as less than 40GB in the operating system. Thisdiscrepancy is not an error in hard disk installation nor any otherproblem, but a normal phenomenon of computers.

This phenomenon isprimarily due to the following reasons: A portion of the hard disk space is used for specific purposesLenovo computers may come with preinstalled OneKey Rescue System, sothe hard disk has a special portion partitioned before delivery, which isused to store hard disk mirror and OneKey Rescue System program files.

Getting to know yourcomputer Important safety informationImportant safety information This information can help you safely use your notebook personalcomputer. Follow and retain all information included with your computer.

The information in this document does not alter the terms of your purchaseagreement or the Lenovo Limited Warranty. Read this firstPersonal computers are electronic devices. Important safety informationUnpackInspect the covers of the computer and the AC adapter, especiallyparts with the following labels attached for any crack or damage. Keep the computer and other parts away from liquids.

Do NOT use the computer during a lightning storm. Keep a good ventilation of the computer and other parts. Important safety informationOn usingUse ONLY the power cord, power adapter and battery pack shippedwith the computer and never use them with another product.

Be sure the power outlet is suitable for the plug and provides thecorrect voltage and current for the product you are installing.

Do NOT use a power outlet, power cord, power adapter or batterypack that appears to be damaged or corroded. Important safety informationDo NOT wrap the power cord around the power adapter or otherobjects. Do NOT squeeze or pinch the cord, or place heavy objects on it.

Avoid keeping your hands, your lap, or any other part of your body incontact with a hot section of the working computer for any extendedlength of time. Important safety informationService and upgradesDo NOT attempt to service a product yourself unless instructed to doso by the customer support center or your documentation.


Contact the customer support center for furtherguidance. For a list of service and support phone numbers,go to http: The illustrations in this manual may differ from the actual product. Please refer tothe actual product. Getting to know your computerAttention: When closing the displaypanel, be careful NOT to leave pens or any other objects in between the displaypanel and the keyboard. Otherwise, the display panel may be damaged. Power buttonPress this button to turn on the computer.

Getting to know your computerTouchpadThe touchpad functions as a conventional mouse. Getting to know your computerLeft-side view aAC power adapterjackbcdeConnect the AC adapter here. Fan louversDissipate internal heat. Make sure that none of the fan louvers are blocked or else overheating of thecomputer may occur.

Headphone jackConnects to an external headphone. VGA portConnects to external display devices. RJ portConnects to an Ethernet network. Kensington slotAttach a security lock not supplied here. Getting to know your computerFront view aSpeakersThe stereo speakers provide rich and powerful sound.

Battery latch spring loadedThe spring-loaded battery latch keeps the battery packsecured in place. Learning the basicsFirst use Read the manualsRead the supplied manuals before using your computer.

Lenovo IdeaPad S12 Manual

Connect to the powerThe supplied battery pack is not fully charged at purchase. To charge the battery and begin using your computer, insert the batterypack and connect the computer to an electrical outlet.

The battery isautomatically charged while the computer is running on AC power. Learning the basicsTurn serfice the computerPress the power button to serbice on the computer. Configure the operating systemYou may need to configure the operating system when it is first used.

Theconfiguration process may include the procedures below.

Lenovo S12 : Laptop User Manual

Learning the basicsTo put the computer into standby state, do one of the following. Wait until the power indicator light starts manul indicating thatthe computer is in standby state before you move your computer. Moving your computer while the hard disk is spinning can damagethe hard disk, causing loss of data.

To wake serviec computer, do one of the following. Learning the basicsUsing Manuxl adapter and battery Checking battery statusYou can determine the percentage of battery power remaining by usingWindows Power Options.

As each computer user has different habits and needs, it is difficult to predicthow long a battery charge will last. There are two main factors: Learning the basicsHandling the batteryIf the rechargeable battery pack is replaced with an incorrect type, there maybe danger of an explosion. The battery pack contains a small amount ofharmful substances.

To avoid possible injury and detriment to theenvironment, pay attention to the following points. Learning the basicsUsing the touchpad aMMC – MS- MS pro- SDb cTouchpadTo move the cursor on the screen, slide yourfingertip over the pad in the direction in which youwant the cursor to move. Left click buttonThe function corresponds to that of the left mousebutton on a conventional mouse.

Right click buttonThe function corresponds to that of the right mousebutton on a conventional mouse. Learning the basicsUsing the keyboard Your computer has a numeric keypad and function keys incorporated in itsstandard keyboard. Numeric keypadThe keyboard has keys that, when enabled, work as a key numerickeypad. Theindicator will light on if the numeric keypad is enabled. Learning the basicsFunction key combinationsThrough the use of the function keys, you can change operational featuresinstantly.


To use this function, press and hold Fn ; then press one of thefunction keys. Learning the basicsThe following describes the features of each function key. Shift to other connected display devices. Stop playback of Windows Media Player. Learning the basicsSpecial keys and buttons Your computer has several special keys and buttons. Learning the basicsQuick Start button Quick Start button: Learning the basicsSystem status indicators These indicators inform you of the computer status.

Learning the basicsSecuring your computer This section provides information about how to help protect yourcomputer from theft and unauthorized use.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Attaching a security lock not supplied You can attach a security lock to your computer to help prevent it frombeing removed without your permission. For details on installing thesecurity lock, please refer to the instructions shipped with the security lockthat you have purchased.

The face registration and verification works best in an environment withsteady and even light. For more instructions on VeriFace, see the help file on your software. Using s122 passwords helps prevent your computer from being used by others.

Learning the basicsConnecting external devices Your computer has a wide range of built-in features and connectioncapabilities. Using memory cards not supplied Your computer supports the following types of memory cards: Learning the basicsInserting a memory card1Push the dummy card until you hear a click. Gently pull the dummycard out of the memory card slot. The dummy card is used for preventing lenlvo and small particles fromentering the inside of your computer when the memory card slot is not in use.

Retain the dummy card for future use. Removing a memory card12Push the memory card until you hear a click.

Otherwise, the device may not berecognized, or system shut down may result. Gently pull the ExpressCard device out of the ExpressCard slot.

Retain thedummy card for future use. Learning the basicsPairing devices1Enable the Bluetooth function on the devices that you need to connectto the computer. Learning the basicsUsing Lenovo Elnovo Start specific models only Manuao a boot time of just a few seconds, Lenovo Quick Start offers a handyenvironment that allows you to enjoy an instant access to functions such asWeb browsing, instant messaging and other entertainment functionswithout entering the traditional operating system.

The following willappear on the screen after a few seconds. Using the InternetAs a global network, the Internet connects computers worldwide,providing services such as e-mailing, information searching, electroniccommerce, Web browsing and entertainment. You can connect the computer to the Internet in the following ways: