Once is a children’s novel by Australian author Morris Gleitzman. It is about a Jewish boy named Felix, who lived in Poland, and is on a quest to find his. UNA VEZ MORRIS GLEITZMAN EBOOK – Buy Una vez by Morris Una vez es un libro desgarrador sobre la segunda guerra mundial. Una vez – Ebook written by Morris Gleitzman. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for offline reading.

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I am still in awe of Gleitzman’s ability to geitzman powerful character and emotion through sentences simple yet potent, as per the previous Lbiro stories and also Gracewhich I highly recommend. Everyone should read the Once series, even if they’re not interested in historical fiction – these books are easy to read if not easy emotionally and they carry messages of utmost importance about kindness, compassion and above all hope in the humanity of others.

Where there is hope there is pain, but without it, we are lost. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want libor Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us livro the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — After by Morris Gleitzman. After Once 4 by Morris Gleitzman. In the fourth part of Felix’s story, continuing his adventures in World War Two, he faces perhaps his greatest challenge – to find hope when he’s lost almost everything, including his parents. As Europe goes through the final agonizing stages of the war, Libeo struggles to reconcile hatred and healing. He’s helped by a new friend, but if he should lose her as well Paperbackpages.

Carnegie Medal Nominee To see what vsz friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Afterplease sign up. I can not find this book in the USA. Does anyone have an idea of where I might find a copy here? Redouane Elkhiate Download it and read it online. Can I read after? Yuyu yep, you can online.

See all 7 questions about After…. Lists with This Book. Sep 30, Chris Horsefield rated it it was amazing. I really like the style, the story written from the perspective of a child with a different way of looking at things. Plenty of excitement and unexpected. THEN, his close friend and ally, Zelda, was taken away from him also.

NOW, Felix is 80, living in Australia, and trying to protect another Zelda, his grandaughter who is also our narrator. If you enjoyed the Boy in stripped pyjamas or th I really like the style, the story written from the perspective of a child with a different way of looking at things. If you enjoyed the Boy in stripped pyjamas or the Edelweiss Pirate series, you will enjoy this great series by Morris Gleitzman.

They are short, easy to read and also perfect for 10 year olds and up. They are not only exciting novels, but very educational. After the Nazis took my parents I was scared After they killed my best friend I was angry After they ruined my thirteenth birthday I was determined To get to the forest To join forces with Gabriek and Yuli To be a family To defeat the Nazis after all.

After I finished reading Once, the first story about Felix, 10, a young Jewish boy on the run from the Nazis, I wanted to know more about this brave boy and Zelda, the six year old who became his friend. When I finished reading that second book, I still wanted to know more and so along came book three, called Now.


But this is the story of 80 year old Felix and his granddaughter Zelda, But wait, Now ended in the middle of the war. What happened to Felix in the last two years of the war?

Where and how did Felix spend them? Well, we know that he spent time helping partisans with his friend Gabriek.

But, how the heck did that come about? Well, now there is After. After returns to the war, where mkrris is and Felix has been hiding for two years in a hidey hole in Gabriek’s barn, emerging once a night to eat and excercise.

The hidey hole is right under the hooves of Gabriek’s horse Dom.

Morris Gleitzman

On the night of his 13th birthday, Felix hears Gabriek talking to some men with guns. But they are speaking Polish and are not wearing uniforms and there is a lady wearing a red scarf with them. Confused and scared, Felix decides to follow them when they head off to the forest with Gabriek. Afraid they are going to kill Gabriek, Felix tries to rescue him by yelling at his captors.

With their guns pointed and ready to shoot, Felix gives himself up to save Gabriek – only they aren’t Nazis, they’re partisans and Gabriek is one of them and they have just sabotaged a Nazi train. When it is all over, Felix is allowed to go home with Gabriek, but when they get there, the farm is on fire, set by the Nazis.

They manage to save the horse and find their way to the partisan camp, asking to permanently join. But Felix is an outsider and must prove himself – by stealing a gun from a Nazi.

The lady in the red scarf, Yuli, takes him to a village and tells him what to do. Felix ends up joining the partisans, but as the doctor’s assistant not as a fighter.

Una vez (Ficción): Morris Gleitzman: : Books

He befriends the maternal Yuli, even fantasizes that Gabriek and Yuli could be his new parents. But the war is still going on, and the more the Nazis are defeated, the more hateful and destructive they become.

Life is still precarious – for Felix and for the partisans. Suffice it to say, that After did, indeed, give me the sense of closure that I really needed on Felix’s story. Gleitzman, we know, is a master storyteller and the four books that comprise Felix’s history are no exception. Caught in one of the darkest periods, witness to all kinds of horrors, he gives us a Felix who has managed to maintain his sense of humanity, fairness and imagination throughout and it is all incredibly believable.

And in After, we see the man that Felix will become – a doctor who wants to heal the wounds of the world – small wonder. After is a true coming of age book. Had things been different, Felix would have had a bar mitzvah at 13 instead of joining a partisan group. But even so, there is a very discernible change in Felix in this book. He is not a young boy anymore, praying to Richmal Crompton, but has a sense of maturity about him that becomes all the more obvious and poignant when he is put into a paternal position of taking care of three Jewish sisters hiding from the Nazis.

I am sorry to say good-bye to Felix now, but am comforted by the fact that I can reread his story anytime I want to. His story is sad, funny, violent and painful, but so well worth reading. You can read the first chapter right here at The Morris Gleitzman Collection. And thank you, Mr. Gleitzman, for doing such a bang up job telling us Felix’s story.


This review was first published at The Children’s War View all 4 comments. Mar 13, Emi rated it really liked it Shelves: From the very beginning of the Once series, Morris Gleitzman set out on the extremely difficult task in writing a children’s book about the Holocaust.

I think back when I first heard about it, I was both skeptical and worried, because it is an incredibly delicate topic and how could one portray it in both an honest and suitable way for kids to read? As we already know, Gleitzman pulled it off flawlessly, winning countless literary awards and spawning three sequels. This is the final book in the From the very beginning of the Once series, Morris Gleitzman set out on the extremely difficult task in writing a children’s book about the Holocaust.

This is the final book in the Once series, written after Now, even though it jumps back in time towhile Now was set in the present day. I’m extremely glad for this final book, because personally, I was dissappointed by Now. Although it was well-written, it fell so much shorter than the standard of the story told in Once and Then. And honestly, leaving Felix lying in a pit at the end of Then was probably not the best way to end that time frame.

While Now somewhat provided relief in showing that Felix survived WW2, I didn’t feel it reached the heart of the matter as well as the previous novels. So I was extremely delighted to know Gleitzman also felt Felix’s story wasn’t completely finished yet. After is set induring the last weeks of the war.

I felt a bit of trepidation as I started, fear that it would not measure up to the other books you know how it is with sequels! What can I say really, After is another little masterpiece. Felix grew a lot in this book, and it was good to see that. At times, it is a very painful read, because Gleitzman is amazing at writing out the toughest scenes with the simplest words, and the child-like view the Holocaust is seen through once again stands out.

Gleitzman also doesn’t shy away from the grey areas of war, he doesn’t sugar-coat anything. People die left and right, the brutality of both the Nazis and the partisans and the Russian army is shown, he doesn’t portray any group as ‘the good guys’, and he makes sure Felix sees it too.

Felix himself begins to see things in a vengeful way, he also thinks violently, he also wants to kill Nazis, and while all these themes may be dangerous to present to children, Gleitzman has tackled it honestly and realistically.

I really liked the idea of parenting and protection in this book, it really stood out, and Felix’s decision to become independent and then his realization of why parents are needed, why mending and healing is needed, is beautifully portrayed. I don’t feel the need to comment much gleitzmam Gleitzman’s writing style here.

Sigue al autor

It’s at its usual great standard- morriz of short, to-the-point sentences. Felix’s voice is as clear and honest as ever, and the hurting and growing his character does throughout this book is amazing to read. I’m almost a little torn to admit this is probably my favourite book in the series, maybe even better than Then.