MACO International; Bulgaria; China; Germany; France; Italy; Croatia; Netherlands; Austria RUSTICO Shutter hardware: Wall cladding and wall assembly. MACO Rustico is a high quality hardware for timber, aluminum and PVC shutters. MACO Rustico components: shutter hinges shutter locks shutter catches The. Available colours. MACO-RUSTICO hardware components are available in three different colours with the same PREMIUM-PLUS surface-finish structure.

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Crank opener overall length Rustici pin depth see Section 1. If not otherwise specified, all dimensions are stated in millimetres and packing units in items per box. The responsibilty for correct installation of hardware elements to the frame material sashes and frames and compliance rutico assembly instructions in this catalogue lies with the window and casement door manufacturer.

Failure to comply with insdamage. We trust that we have provided you with a valuable document that will prove helpful in your daily work! Please print your name in capital letters Date: Salzburg district court Registration number: The retailer must also ensure that the customer is informed about the relevant rustio binding instructions and legal aspects of this document.

It is important to rustoco the content of this document regularly as we amend and improve it frequently.

Failure to comply with damage. Non-compliance shall release the manufacturer from this liability Product information and proper use “Shutter hardware” is deemed to be hardware for windows and balcony door shutters hereinafter referred to as “shutters” in building construction.

Shutter hardware are used on vertically installed shutters made of timber, PVC or aluminium and their corresponding material combinations, whereby the professional installation of the shutters can be carried out directly on the frame, directly on the wall or on an assembly frame. Rystico hardware as a whole can be divided into three main groups and their function considered independently: Shutter pins, shutter hinges, shutter pin holders: These are used to close and open the shutter.

These are used to hold the shutter in a closed position. These are used to hold the shutter in an open position. Differing applications do not correspond to their proper use. Shutters that are used in an environment with aggressive and corrosive air content require special ruwtico.

In the case of wind and draught, they must be able to hold the shutters both in the closed and in the open positions. This is achieved by using the appropriate hardware components locking mechanisms, shutter catches etc.

Misuse of shutters The manufacturer of the window shutters must satisfy his obligation to provide the user with information about the shutters produced. This information must also include appropriate advice on operation and maintenance of the shutter hardware, as well as details of how to use them properly. Particularly damage that can result from insufficient ma intenance or misuse must be pointed out.

Damage to the shutter hardware and to the shutters can cause shutter components rustkco the entire shutters to drop. This can produce the risk of severe personal injury and considerable damage to property. The following cases, in particular, shall be deemed misuse of the shutter hardware- i. Rustifo and consequential damages can rustkco occur Information and instruction duties To satisfy the rustkco for information and instruction and maintenance duties in accordance with the “product liability law”, the documentation listed under product information is made available to specifiers, specialised dealers, fabricators, builders and users.

MACO Rustico shutter hardware

Catalogue part no e-catalogue part no as CD-ROM Installation information – frame installation part no Installation information – masonry installation part no 8. Failure to adhere to these guidelines can result in the damage listed under “Misuse of shutters”, including the risk of macp injury to persons and considerable damage to property.

If such guidelines are missing for a specific requested application, the user shall be obliged to test the suitability of the parts used for this type of application, or arrange to have them tested Maximum sash weights and sash sizes The shutter weights and maximum shutter sizes specified in this catalogue and in the installation instructions must not be exceeded.


Proven maintenance is in turn a requirement for product liability and our product guarantee. All inspection intervals and assembly instructions must be observed!

Adjustments and replacement of components as well as hinging and unhinging must be performed by certified professionals.

For surface treatment e. Avoid surface damage Avoid or remove soiling from paintwork The hardware may only be cleaned or polished with mild, phneutral cleaning agents in diluted form. Never use chemically aggressive, acetic or abrasive cleaning agents. Such cleaning agents will destroy the the passivation and as a result, speed up corrosion. Please note care instructions in coastal areas. Care in coastal areas: Challenging envrionmental conditions are present within areas app.

During storms sea water is being distributed in the form of spray and may come into contact with shutter hardware. Salt deposits will form after moisture has evaporated. In combination with other deposits and soiling dust these salt deposits may cause increased corrosion. The home owner can prolong the hardware service life by good care and maintenance. At least once every year a thorough cleaning and application of oil is required. Even in coastal areas you will enjoy a long service life of your shutter hardware with only a small maintenance effort.

Wash away salt deposits with fresh water. Never use aggressive cleaning agents! Let the hardware dry. After drying apply a coating of anti-corrosion spray e. Avoid spraying other areas or components e. Anti-corrosion spray may also assist during the cleaning process Information and instruction duties The following is available to comply with information and instruction obligation duties and perform maintenance work in accordance with the product liability legislation: Planners obtain and observe the latest product information from the manufacturer 9.

Manufacturers obtain the latest product information, especially assembly instructions and operating and maintenance instructions from the manufacturer and pass on these documents to the owner or end user Disclaimer The manufacturer’s liability can also be excluded, among other things, If the fault is attributed to a regulation or an official ruling, to which product compliance was stipulated Characteristics of the product, which have given rise to the claim against the manufacturercould not be identified as a fault according to the conditions of science and technology at the time The claim against the manufacturer only involves a basic material or a part product that was manufactured, and the fault is due to the construction of the product that was incorporated into the basic material or the part product, or as a result of instructions issued by the manufacturer of this product Product information The following documents contain mandatory regulations for the use of shutter hardware: The maximum permissible sash weight is determined by the component with the smallest load capacity.

Observe all application diagrams, assembly instructions and exercise care when combining components from different hardware ranges! Hardware combination The manufacturer s regulations that cover the combination of original MACO components or such components that fully correspond to these original components for example the use of additional frame hinges, consoles, sash hinges or run-up blocks, as well as the use of optional components are obligatory and also contained in the product information.

Determining sash sizes for installation of RUSTICO shutter hardware Application diagrams show the permissible shutter width-to-height ratios with varying square metre weights; these weights depend on the shutter material timber, PVC, etc. Specified weights for different materials and shutter thickness should be used as indications only. Please contact the profile manufacturer for special calculations regarding a particular shutter type. Only qualified personnel may install the hardware components for shutters.

The product information provided in Section 1. Failure to observe the following points can cause damage due to misuse of shutters described in Section 1. All shutter holders and locks must be installed so that they are held securely in the open and close position!


Failure to do so can cause the hinges to break and shutter to drop, with risk of damage to property or personal injury. When the buffer stop is used, make sure that the facade has sufficient compression strength e.

For this reason, an adequate distance must be left below the shutter especially when folding shutters are used. B For shutters with an overall weight to a maximum of 20 kg maximum 30 kg for MMV hardware rangethe distance between the shutter holder and the edge of the shutter at the hinge side must be at least mm. This also permits the use of the deluxe shutter holder for windows for these shutters – independent of the width of the shutter.

For smaller shutters with a shutter width below mm, shutter holder must always be installed at half the width of the sash see Figure A.! Nr Nr C The force between the shutter and hinge is transferred via the hinge body, not via the decorative bracket.

The gustico body and mounting bracket must be fastened through the reinforcement. For the diagrams shown “Calculation diagrams Use commercially available bathroom scales to determine the overall weight of the shutter, Then calculate the shutter surface by multiplying the values for the length and width specified in meters.

Multiply the weight of a cubic meter of the timber used by the shutter thickness specified in meters. Rhstico for timber weights: When using PVC or aluminium profiles, contact the profile manufacturer to determine the weight per square meter. Maco guarantees the fabricator a year resistance to corrosion. This guarantee applies to all locations, including coastal regions.

For more information about the guarantee, contact your Maco technical consultant Quality The resistance to corrosion is monitored in-house in compliance with EN and is tested by the accredited testing institute ift-rosenheim. Test reports and certificates are available from MACO.

Textured surface with high scratch resistance and resistance to UV light. Contact your technical consultant for details.

MACO Rustico shutter hardware –

Care To preserve the quality of the hardware, please observe the information provided in the operation and maintenance instructions for window shutters Art. Juli Christian Kehrer, Dipl. Das Deckblatt mit Typenliste kann als Kurzfassung verwendet werden. Der Nachweis umfasst insgesamt 17 Seiten.

Das Deckblatt kann als Kurzfassung verwendet werden. Inhalt Der Nachweis umfasst insgesamt 15 Seiten. These regulations have a directt impact on the requirements for building products.

They are intended, primarilyy in the field off product quality, to guarantee compliance with legal regulations with regard to the so-called essential requirements from a building or building products respectively; this also includes the harmlessness in terms of health.

We hereby declaree that our products meet, according to thee abovementioned standards, the restriction of the use of certain dangerous substances, and consequently are harmless. Use the examples below to determine which important information can be read from the diagrams to ensure correct hardware selection and shutter installation: Dustico permissible folding shutter sizes are reduced when a 25 mm wide shutter pin holder or “Threaded surface mounted frame hinge with lateral adjustment” is used see diagrams “Sash sizes with 25mm wide shutter pin holder”.

When snap holders and crank openers are used, please observes the footnotes below the relevant tables. Reveal depth from 60 up to mm Max. On maoc shutters with an internal rotation-point, no snap holders may be used risk of falling out during storm!