The people are eagerly waiting for the Manorama yearbook release. list of satellites which is launched the year and before, List of famous award. Manorama yearbook is the best book for prepare Competitive Examinations. This book covers the examinations like UPSC, SSC Competitive. Hi Manorama year book readers Welcome to our Manorama Year Book blog. In this blog, we update the details about Manorama.

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Tuesday, January 10, Manorama Yearbook Review. It was when I first got a copy of Manorama Yearbook from one of my classmate. I became a fan of this book since then. Yaerbook is a one stop search for major GK questions. It was the time when there was no Wikipedia, Google or internet. Time has changed in almost 15years since then, but my loyalty towards this book is still the same.

Though I have many online search engines always ready for me and Wikipedia with all the detailed information but still I love to flick through its pages to get information on many hot topics or topics that never came to my mind.

Manorama Yearbook 2012 (Free CD)

I am writing this review considering the latest edition of this book- Manorama Yeaebook It was first printed in yearbool Malayalam and seven years later, the first English edition was published.

It mainly covers information related to people, places, events and other major incidents happened during yeaebook past year. Current Affairs – This section comprises two sub-sections of happenings in India and World. Events – It contains calendar of events date wise in India and World in two separate sections from 1 st November, to 7 th October, Cover Story – This is a permanent section in all the editions of yearbook where a hot topic is discussed in detail.


Science World – This section explains many basic principle of science and also major incidents in past year like BT Crops, Gene revolution etc. Cosmos – It covers all the important topics related to Yfarbook science — space facts, solar system etc. Environment – It covers international conventions on environment, green growth, global warming, COP16 summit, ozone protection and many other important topics related to environment.

Information Technology – IT Yearbolk, computer virus, kinetic thrills, computer revolution, touch screen systems, tablets, internet timeline, social networks etc. World Panorama – The best part of this section is ready reckoner of all countries comprising of all the relevant information. It also covers UN, international organizations, world religions and much more.

India – It covers all the details about India, its states, peoples, state assemblies, constitution, flora, forests, fauna and many interesting and important topics. Indian Economy – Agriculture, plantation crops, liberalization, privatization, globalization, five year plans, banking, mutual funds, FDI etc. General Knowledge – It has information that yeaarbook not covered under other sections.

You think of a topic and it is here.

You never have imagined of that topic and it is also here. Sports – It covers all the important sports incidents, persons, awards etc. The important section of this part is Sports diary that covers date wise happenings in sports. Few more reasons that make it worthy. GK quiz comprising of questions. One-liners GK at the bottom of almost all the pages.

Most confusable words in English language. CSR yearbook is priced at Rs.


CSR has only pages when compared manprama pages of Manorama. Manorama has much better presentation and page quality when compared to CSR. Manorama is fully colored bookwhere as CSR has only about 80 colored pages at beginning and end. I personally feel that CSR is more inclined towards more and more number of ads, inside and on cover multiple layered cover with lot of advertisements.


I am unable to understand that there manorqma no additional info in CSR nor they have additional pages, still they have priced it at almost double manorrama price of Manorama. CSR looks very bulky and thick despite less number of pages, may be because of inferior paper quality. Students and the people who are appearing for competitive exams.

Persons in search of concise as well comprehensive information on major aspects. Teachers and researchers who are in need of quick reference.

Those who love to collect important or ignored information from all sources. Bibliophilesas this book is worth their collection. This book is available at almost all the bookstores in whole India at a printed price tag of Rs. It is available yearbiok all the leading online stores at Rs.

Many people may be fond of manoraa fictions while going to bed but I love to sleep after spending few minutes with this book. It never gets me bored as every page has something new to offer. Even at the most bored moment, there is always an option of switching to any other category of my choice. The only negative point is that it covers current affairs till October.

manoarma By the way it is same with the all the GK books in the market, may be all are in hurry to release new editions. It is the best thing that can be purchased at this price, considering the quality and quantity total of pages, colored printing and vast information. You will get a free Encyclopedia Britannica CD free with this edition. Either it is a waste of Rs. Newer Post Older Post Mannorama.